Dissidia Final Fantasy NT - Analysis

Author: María P. Martín
Date: 2020-07-30 23:54:23
Dissidia Final Fantasy NT from Team Ninja arrives as the final crossover of Final Fantasy. And not because it is present at the right time to celebrate the 30 years that the Square Enix franchise has been with us, or because it brings together characters from all the titles (although we miss more than one), but because it shows even more personality than its two predecessors, Dissidia Final Fantasy and the sequel Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

Since Duodecim came out in 2011 promising to be, without saying it, a more than correct ending to this story that connected all the protagonists and villains of Final Fantasy, we had forgotten about Dissidia. Four years passed and finally the first details of a new one arrived, that is for recreational machines . Now, however, we can see that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is delighted with its arrival at the console.

The story is practically the same as always, but with nuances. Again, the heroes are summoned to fight, not by Cosmos and Chaos, but by Matter and Spiritus , who could be considered gods, and very different from those we knew. In fact, the first impression of our heroes is that Matter is an edge. While Cosmos was sweet and suffered from the main characters, Materia seems to force them to fight . And herein lies the first difference from previous games: heroes are tired of fighting . Yes, it is clear that Knight of Light is going to support this new goddess from the beginning, but the rest are suspicious, exhausted, they just want to live their lives far from the capricious wishes of the gods.

A modest army

The characters in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT are, after all, a modest army. We find a template that more than adequate is correct . After the virtues of Duodecim, here we have forgotten the secondary characters that we loved, such as Tifa, Laguna or Yuna (who is herself the protagonist of a Final Fantasy, but it is better that we do not take Square Enix into account. ) and we have stayed in most cases with the principals of each game. Of course, with titles that, in general, have not been represented in a Dissidia.

Thus, on the part of the good ones we find Knight of the Light, Firion, Knight Onion, Cecil and Kain, Bartz, Terra, Cloud, Squall, Yitán, Tidus, Shantotto, Vaan, Lightning, Y'shtola, Noctis, Ramza and Ace. As for the villains, it seems that we have the same as always without any news: Garland, The Emperor, Cloud of Darkness, Golbez, Exdeath, Kefka, Sephiroth, Artemis, Kuja and Jecht. In fact, we even fell short of bad, and it pains us to see Jecht again on this side. Of course, each of them has its own difficulty of handling, so it is advisable to try them all and not only play with your favorites or the most popular ones.

The main novelties are the inclusion of Final Fantasy Tactics and Type 0 , in addition to the Final Fantasy online, which have previously had a presence. But we must bear in mind that more characters will arrive in downloadable content and the season pass will probably be in charge of filling that void that we feel in our hearts.

You have to fight with class

If you were used to not having to think more than fighting, it was over. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT brings with it a much more strategic combat , although the bases remain practically the same. We have four classes of characters: the Vanguards , who are slow and strong, what we would generally understand as a kind of tank or off-tank; the Skirmishers , who are much faster and focus on hand-to-hand combat; the Conjurers , wizards with ranged attack; and the Specialists , who have different skills and abilities to empower the rest of the team members.

Because, yes, in NT we fight as a team. Of three, more specifically. And this team has nothing to do with the supports that we could summon in Duodecim, but we are talking about other players (or artificial intelligence, depending on the mode) that need us to be aware of everything. Thus, we will have to pay attention to the state of our companions and support them in battle. Teamwork is essential to victory, which leads us to believe that this new Dissidia wants to make a name for itself in the world of professional competition.

However, it is clear that Square Enix never thought about competing with Tekken, Street Fighter or any other fighting game when they decided to delve into this genre. The Team Ninja title has sought combat specialization , endowing it with personality in a very different way. Maintaining the base of the skills of Bravura and VIT, new mechanics have been incorporated to seek to be different.