Divine Divinity in the test - good action role-playing game with poor technology

Author: Christian Schmidt
Date: 2002-08-02 10:39:00
A picture book hero fights against hordes of monsters - you will look in vain for picture book graphics in the action role-playing game Divine Divinity. We tested the Diablo clone.

Bad air in the state of Rivellon: plundering orcs process peasant villages into splinterwood, to make matters worse, a plague rages in the capital, and the local duke dies under dubious circumstances.
Fortunately, however, a prophecy says that someone “marked” would save the country.

Unfortunately, there are three candidates for the messiah post - but who is the right one? Maybe you? The path to knowledge leads in the action role-playing game Divine Divinity over the corpses of countless enemies.

Who has the choice

Your hero can choose to go into real-time combat as a warrior, magician or survivor. Each of the three classes has a unique starting advantage. In addition, Divine Divinity has three talent trees with a total of 96 skills, which are further expanded in five stages.

Warriors learn weapon bonuses or combat tactics, magicians expand their spell repertoire, survivors steal, trick and outsmart. Because you are free to choose from any category when you level up, you can also breed all-round characters.

The skills learned help immensely in combat against rather stupid opponents who only become a danger through sheer mass. In an emergency, pressing the spacebar pauses the action to switch weapons or activate a spell.

A lot to do

In addition to enemy-filled dungeons, Divine Divinity offers a huge overworld that you can freely explore. There are traders waiting in the cities, but above all citizens in need of help, who will make requests for you by the dozen - "Smoke out the troll's cave!" Or "Find the thief!" Many of the tasks are simple, some are thought-intensive, and most are varied.

You see your hero's goings-on from an isometric 2D perspective, which lags far behind current graphic standards. In addition, day and night alternate; but that only affects the visibility. The installation takes at least a quarter of an hour, loading processes in the game can take minutes.