Divinity: Original Sin II Definitive Edition - Análisis

Author: Gustavo Maeso
Date: 2020-03-03 01:38:33
Divinity Original Sin 2 already became one of the best contemporary role-playing video games last year and, without a doubt, one of the best releases of 2017. A year later, and after the huge success of the game, Larian Studios launches a 'Edition Definitive 'in his jump to game consoles (PS4 and Xbox One), something that his predecessor also did. A whole year to prepare the port has made it arrive with the translation into Spanish included (which took a long time to reach PC), a good number of improvements and additions claimed by the community and new game modes that make this version a complete present.

Everything in life can be improved, even if it is an extensive and worked role-playing game that has sold more than 1.5 million copies and achieved an average of Metacritic notes of 9.3 at its launch. That is what Larian Studios have thought and their legion of fans have also thought about it, that they have been suggesting changes and improvements that now come in this adaptation to the game consoles (and that will also reach users of the PC version in the form of a free update) .

We have spent a few hours in the game's story mode with the PS4 controller and, of course, our focus has been on adapting the control. It is true that there is no better way to handle this game than with a keyboard and a mouse, but the adaptation is quite successful and effective , saving distances. Not surprisingly, its developers are not new to this, because they already adapted the first installment quite well. Getting the controls takes a while, but for this we have created the new game tutorial, which we strongly recommend to complete in its entirety.

The handling of the characters with both joysticks is very natural, and we can change the hero in the group with a wheel that appears on the screen by pressing L2. Pressing R2 will display an on-screen menu wheel that will give us access to the Character, Inventory, new Journals, Crafting options, Equipment and Skills. The L1 and R1 buttons serve to navigate between the menus, but also to navigate between the objects we find, which makes it easier to explore and open and expel boxes, bags, chests and corpses without the help of the mouse pointer .

Things get a little more difficult when using the skill bar and actions in a fight. Although you can use some buttons of the digital pad to apply a shortcut (if we press the right arrow of the pad we will immediately hit the ground or the selected enemy) its selection and use is somewhat tedious. When the fight begins we can deploy the bottom bar by pressing Triangle and, once so, move through the skill cells or combat actions with the joystick and one by one. So we will select them and then, with a pointer on the screen handled with the left stick we will select the target where we want to download it. Of course, this takes much longer than doing it with a mouse or, much better, with the numerical shortcuts of a keyboard. Fortunately, as you know, we are talking about a turn-based combat game, so we can take our time to choose well and deploy our attacks and defenses without haste (except in Arena mode, there is time limit in turns).

Saving this obvious fault, the game control is really worked and optimized to play with the console controls , but it is also true that it will need a learning and a few hours of adaptation so you can easily master it. Beyond this, there is also the problem of being handled by huge menus of skills, equipment configurations, hundreds of small cells in the inventory, etc. by analog joystick stroke. But it is the price of enjoying this genre on console.

Although the original game already had the option of the cooperative game, in this Definitive Edition the option of the local cooperative in split screen has also been included . This option works perfectly and allows you to share the game in your own room, although with the handicap of seeing everything somewhat reduced in half screen. The game is much more enjoyed when shared and the possibility of doing it online with up to 3 more players is highly recommended.

As for the technical section, the console version of Divinity 2 complies very well, showing all the detail and graphic preciousness of the original game , with the expected loss with respect to how it looks on a last generation PC, but saving very well the furniture. Of course, we have suffered some sporadic pulls, especially when the game saves automatically. The audio, as in the original, is wonderful, with an extraordinary soundtrack and great vocals (in English with Spanish subtitles).

But the real novelty of this edition is the Arena Mode , a fantastic new fighting mode that we can enjoy in local mode (with turns passing the command on the same console) or online mode. We can host a game or join any of them and we set the rules: the map (there are currently 13 maps and are divided into 2, 3 and up to 4 contestants), the limit of seconds for each turn, the number of heroes available in each group, the number of available squares, the game mode (All against all or Kill the King) and even the inclusion or not of different 'Mutagens', special abilities granted to all heroes in different shifts (such as wings that allow to travel long distances in the same turn). There is a special mutagen called Sudden Death and that can be activated in turn 7 to minimize the health of the heroes and the game ends without much more delay.

The arcade mode has 16 characters from the game, many of them characters already known from the title but that were not playable and that will be available here. The maps also have chests that can be looted during the game and grant important rewards that can unbalance the combat. We can also configure this arcade mode, designed for multiplayer, to enjoy it alone against AI .