Door Kickers - Analysis

Author: Antonio Gila
Date: 2020-07-30 17:20:11
Door Kickers is the response of Killhouse Games, a Romanian studio founded in 2012, to the avalanche of arcade shooters and almost unexplained shots that wants to show us the other side of the action, more realistic, but largely forgotten in recent years. years. We are talking about tactical strategy games in real time.

We manage an elite team, similar to the famous SWAT that we have seen so many times in movies, and we have to enter the building in question and kill the bad guys if we want to achieve the objective. Said like this, it sounds simpler than what we will later find playable since, luckily, the title goes much further. It will not take us long to realize that we are not facing an arcade game in which we receive dozens of shots to die while our weapons are almost infallible at the first shot, no. It is a peer-to-peer fight between enemies and our team. They are more but we have something that they do not have: organization.

Organization and strategy are the foundation of the entire game. At the beginning of each level we will be outside the building in question and we will have to plan the entry strategy even before we start. It is possible to set the strategy of the complete level and do it in one go, something valid in the first levels to achieve the highest score, but of course it is not something that we are going to use much. Instead we will have to observe the level well or use one of the various objects that we have available. To start a level we can break the door, look through it with a spy camera , throw a blinding grenade or place an explosive charge to break it and shoot down nearby enemies, among other options that we will see as we advance in the game. We can make this decision with every door we meet and it will be a vital decision to overcome the level or not. The enemies have a very advanced AI and they will not hesitate to come after us if they hear something, even if they are in another part of the map. In addition, their aim is enviable and they will not take long to react if they see us. It really is necessary to have a very good planning if we want to advance the level and not die trying.

This tactical component is very marked throughout the game. Shootings with enemies will be carried out automatically when one enters the field of vision of the other, so you have to be very careful when moving forward and looking around a corner. Tactics can be done on the fly, as we discover the scenario or plot them before starting a level. We also have the option of direct action , moving our agents little by little and shooting at everything that moves, but it is an ineffective weapon.

There are many ways to beat the levels depending on the strategic plan we adopt, we can even assign actions to certain buttons (A, B and C) to improve synchronization . We can practically carry out all the tactics that come to mind and this makes the game something unique, with an impressive degree of customization for each player.

The level of customization reaches higher levels than we can imagine. At the beginning of each mission we will have to choose a certain number of soldiers and assign them to their positions. At first they will all have similar characteristics but they may evolve in different aspects. As if that were not enough, we can improve some characteristics or even your equipment, using the stars assigned when completing the level. The more we get, the more possibilities we will have to improve the team. The customization is divided into classes, each with its own weapons and characteristics that we can buy and / or modify to our liking as long as we have the player level to unlock it. The list of available items is quite extensive and encourages competitiveness when it comes to overcoming levels.

But customization does not stop here, only in the characters. In addition to this we can also customize the levels by creating new ones with the powerful editor or by downloading them from the Steam Workshop , since Door Kickers supports this option in order to download content from the community. If we run out of time we can always resort to the random level generator adjusting some parameters to our liking. Very complete.

The difficulty of the title increases progressively. The first levels, although they will also give us the odd headache, can be considered almost a tutorial, although as we increase we will see how things get complicated, including new objectives to accomplish beyond killing enemies such as defusing bombs or rescuing hostages . When we reach a certain level of player we unlock a campaign mode that, of course, does not have any kind of narrative link, being only a succession of levels in which we will lose the fallen soldiers during the previous levels. Some sort of story would have been fine for the campaign to round off the game.

The zenith view of the game helps to see the entire map, although not everything will be revealed from the beginning since the enemies and other details will be hidden to make things difficult. The control, with keyboard and mouse, especially the latter, is a delight and is comfortable and intuitive at all times. Despite being based on movements and clicks, it will allow us to do many different actions, giving variety to the game.