Dota 2 - Analysis

Author: Juanma Castillo
Date: 2020-03-03 03:01:51
Defense of the Ancients, the germ of DOTA 2, began as an original custom map (mod) of the Warcraft 3 created in 2003 and since then, has not stopped growing. This marvel of virtual entertainment, was never released from the hand of one of his parents, the famous, never seen, IceFrog, which guarantees that he has never lost his essence that summoned more and more players every day. With the passage of time a site was made within electronic sports, it is not a MOBA, it is something else, it is a signed ARTS (Action Real Time Strategy), Valve.

In 2010, Valve announced that it was time to evolve. DOTA 2 was underway. In 2011 they launched the closed beta and after two long years of testing and tuning, on July 9, it went on sale at the modest price of € 0. Free to play!

Graphically the game has taken a huge leap compared to DOTA . The graphic engine of the game is Source and with it, Valve has made DOTA 2 visually very attractive. Obviously it does not have high definition or hyperrealistic graphics, but a scenario has been achieved in which it is pleasant to play: it is fluid, colorful and, in general, superior to the graphics of the League of Legends , its main competitor.

Although it is a pretty colorful scenario, it is not loading. Valve has opted for the use of textures and soft tones that results in a map that invites to be filled with blood and shrapnel as we fight to win the victory.

After downloading DOTA 2 from Steam , it is time to start the game that receives you with a very nice user interface, simple and easy to use. In the upper left corner we can make all the game settings we want, from graphics and audio to controls and the viewer. We have total freedom to reallocate shortcuts, which guarantees that, if you have a way of playing already acquired by another title, you can assign exactly the same shortcuts for DOTA 2 .

Once DOTA 2 is adjusted to our whim, we appreciate that the UI is distributed in three blocks: The upper one is the one that allows us to move from one menu to another. The law is intended for social functions of chat and friends. It will be in the left block where the different functions and submenus of the menu that we previously selected in the upper block will appear dynamically.

From the different menus, Play and Learn, they will quickly become your favorites. The community button will take you to the clans and teams section, while Store will be in charge of tempting our portfolio again and again. From Ver, we can become spectators of any public or tournament game (which in some cases will ask for a ticket, a payment pass) as well as the possibility of downloading repetitions.

Veteran players will find with great satisfaction that the game mechanics have not changed and that if they ever feared the disappearance of those who rewarded the skill, this has not happened. Getting the last blow still requires concentration and the action of denying 'creeps' (the enemies controlled by the computer) to your opponent, remains of vital importance. The cargo animal is still present, and can be sent to make purchases at the secret stores distributed by the map. Of course, always being careful that the opposing team does not find it, because hunting it not only gives them money, but it takes three minutes to reappear what greatly delays the team.

With this, I want to say that DOTA 2 is still the DOTA we knew: A map where teams of five players, represented by heroes with different skills and mechanics, fight to finish as many times with our opponents and gain their base. To do this, the map offers us three streets or roads that go to the enemy base, protected by turrets of each of the two factions. The map, in addition, is interconnected by other secondary streets where we can hide, plan strategies, end their computer-controlled settlers to obtain improvements and bonuses, etc. Everything that regular players of the genre, on the one hand, and fans of the original DOTA , on the other, expect to find.

Another mechanic that is maintained is the loss of money by death, something that must be taken into account because if a player starts a streak of deaths, - if he begins to fall at the hands of the opposing team continuously -, it will become A big disadvantage for the team. The possibility of accumulating neutral 'creeps' in the camps or taking them out of them to intercept your lines of 'creeps' and, thus, delaying the surge to an area closer to your tower facilitating the farmeo, - ending with They give gold and gain experience.

Nor could the guards, of two types, those who give vision and those who detect invisible units be missing. As always, they will be key to good map control.

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