Dragon Ball FighterZ - Review

Author: Biagio "Shinx" Etna
Date: 2020-07-30 22:58:27
The first, highly anticipated 2018 title, together with Monster Hunter: World, is ready to invest anime and fighting fans with the fury of a hurricane. Dragon Ball FighterZ is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious tie-ins, at least in terms of pure spectacularity, dedicated to the work of Akyra Toriyama. From the very first films, the indistinguishable images from the anime and then with the preview tests, the gradual confirmation of the roster and finally the open beta, Dragon Ball FighterZ has traced an ascending parabola, made of authentic exaltation and great expectations. Now that the game is finally in our hands we can anticipate, without fear of being proven wrong, that the Arc System Works fighting game is one of the highest peaks ever achieved by the cel-shaded graphics, together with the audiovisual fidelity with the soul of reference and care placed in every smallest aspect of an aesthetic nature. Perhaps only CyberConnect2 can count similar quality peaks, but nothing that can affect the incredible achievement achieved by Dragon Ball FighterZ. Yet, as many of you will certainly have guessed, the shape, strong of its excellence, seems to take precedence over substance. Nothing that makes the game simplistic or disappointing in terms of gameplay, but in terms of combat system, we are a span under the technicalities of other fighting games made by Arc System Works: from the saga of Guilty Gear to that of BlazBlue. But let's get there step by step and without prematurely wrapping our heads, also because, if you peeked at the vote, you will already know that things have certainly not gone wrong, on the contrary. Once the game has started, we are faced with the dreaded "check" for the initialization of the network, destined to fail, at least during the review phase, nine times out of ten. This did not stop us from going offline in the game HUB, proposed in chibi mode (super deformed) and set up in a practical and pleasant way. From here you can access each mode of the title, but there is also a quick menu to go immediately where we want.

The options for single player are certainly not lacking, with a full-bodied story mode divided into three acts, an arcade structured with crossroads that rewards our performances, and the classic versus, to be set also in the form of an elimination tournament, all in local than on the network, but also against the CPU. With the virtual currency of the game, the Zenni, you can buy capsules that contain aesthetic elements to enrich your online profile and expand the colors of the fighters: no purchase with real money, therefore, at least for the moment.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is presented as a classic team fighting game, with three fighters on each side, super moves on the fly and substitutions on the battlefield. The watchword is speed, and at first it will be difficult to keep under control the incessant action of the clashes. Before delving into the different game modes, I am particularly concerned with analyzing the combat system, whose immediacy can prove to be, in the short and medium term, a double-edged sword. Set on a two-dimensional structure, the title requires a not-indifferent promptness of reflexes, with which to read the excited action present on the screen without being overwhelmed by the countless (and inevitable) combos of the enemy.