Review of the game Dragon Ball FighterZ - "Dragon Balls" lived to see a nice fight

Author: Czarny Wilk
Date: 2018-01-22 15:00:00
The review was based on the PS4 version. Also valid for PC, XONE versions

From Dragon Ball: FighterZ , the first classic fight in years that uses the benefits of the universe created by Akira Toriyama, I expected a few things - fantastic visuals, reproduced with respect to the character's source material, high dynamics of clashes and a solid combat system. And although I have a few reservations about the last element, and the gameplay is overshadowed by the whims of regularly disconnecting us servers, I can say that I basically got what I wanted.

I did not expect, however, that in addition to all this, the game will also propose an extremely extensive fictional campaign , which, even with its length, will surpass the single player modes offered by the competition, and will serve tons of references to new and old adventures of Son Goku, Vegeta and all the rest that will change to party hair color call.

KA-hospital luminaire

I couldn't start reviewing FighterZ except by focusing on the visuals that delighted Dragon Ball fans from the very first presentation. The designers of Arc System Work studio reused the solutions used in the Guilty Gear Xrd series, thanks to which fully three-dimensional locations and characters were created in such a way that they resemble two-dimensional ones as much as possible.

The effect is amazing - in the course of a traditional punch swap, the game could easily be considered a typical 2D production, however during the most spectacular sequences the camera suddenly shifts to show the situation from a more attractive perspective, revealing that everything we see is actually composed of from 3D models. And there are many spectacular moments here - in line with the spirit of the series, the fights are extremely fast and full of teleportations, half-screen explosions or special attacks on a scale that can be seen from orbit.

All objects in the game were perfectly transferred from the animated series, retaining all their specific features. In the arena in the city, in the background, typical of this universe cars loom, and the battles on the planet Namek take place in the surroundings of well-known to all fans, green hills (which can turn into a landscape full of lava, straight from hell, if the warriors are too much of a special attacks). The warriors themselves are equally impressive, as they not only look dot to dot like in the anime, but also move in the same way, performing their characteristic attacks or even standing idly in their combat positions.

"Fake" 2D combined with a very fast pace of fights, gigantic spectacularity and great reproduction of the characters and the environment make the fights in FighterZ look insane and are a feast for the eyes of anyone who has ever spent afternoons with flushed faces watching RTL 7. I would say even that in many moments DBFZ fares better than the original, being devoid of any compromises, which the animators of the series often had to agree on. Only the cutscenes in the story mode look worse, where the less refined character models (especially Bulma looks bad) stand out from what the game delights during the clashes, and the different perspective and close-ups allow you to see a lot of simplifications in the environment, which remain effective during the actual battles. camouflaged.

Affordability over ME-todic training

Unlike Xenoverse , Battle of Z , Ultimate Tenkaichi or Raging Blast, the new FighterZ is a classic fight with health bars, action shown from the side (not counting the above-mentioned moments when the camera leaves the standard position for greater efficiency) and characters washing with each other to fallen . Although this production was created by the authors of Guilty Gear and BlazBlue and you can find some similarities to these two series, in terms of the combat system it is closest to the saga Marvel vs. Capcom - especially its newest installment, Infinity .

Following the example of the series of American superheroes and characters from Japanese computer games, Dragon Ball FighterZ focuses on team battles - two teams of three take part in duels . Each player controls only one of his chosen fighters at a time, but the others can be called at any time - either to perform a single attack and disappear again, or to replace the active player. Resting on the bench allows you to regenerate some of your lost strength, so making changes at the right moment is crucial for victory.

Dragon Ball by Arc System Works from the latest incarnation of the MvC series also takes autocombos - here, however, they have been raised to a much higher level. While in Marvel vs. Capcom Infinity at our disposal is only a single set of special attacks hidden under one button, here the choice is greater - pressing the light attack repeatedly results in a quite strong and very spectacular combination, while selecting the medium attack several times gives a shorter effect, but ends with one of the more powerful super attacks in the game. In addition, under a single button there is a blow that breaks the block and at the same time throws the opponent into the air , and another one - a lightning flight towards the opponent, allowing him to automatically avoid his projectiles (also thrown with a single button, and how) and safely shorten the distance.

Lots of c-HA-characteristic characters

We have at our disposal an average number of 24 warriors and female warriors. Compared to various Xenoverseów, it's not a big deal, but Arc System Works clearly focuses on quality over quantity, thanks to which each character stands out from the competition. Anyway, nobody should complain about the lack of their favorite, because we have almost all popular heroes here . The team includes the title Z fighters, starting with Yamcha, and ending with the Saiyan team, there is also a set of iconic opponents - incl. Frieza, Cell and two variants of Buu. There are also brawlers that made their debut in the Super series, and a completely new character - Android 21. The only major absent is Brolly, but he will probably be one of the eight already announced paid DLC characters.

As I mentioned when delighting the graphics, individual characters were created with great care and not only look, but also move just as we remember from the anime. Also, their blows as vividly resemble what the heroes presented during the fights - and I'm not talking only about the most iconic sequences, the creators reached really deep into the past of the cycle, even to the original series before "Zetka". Thanks to this, Yamcha can perform his Roga-fu-fu-ken (or - as clumsily translated in the manga - "fists as swift as wolves'), and Tien can play volleyball, just like he did during his debut tournament.

ME extended campaign

Loners, the game offers three variants of fun - training (in three characters - a classic place to sharpen skills in a fight with a mannequin, a solid tutorial one by one familiarizing yourself with the combat system and challenges, where we can learn the techniques of individual characters), the Arcade mode varied by various available paths and story mode . The impression that it is not much is lost when we fire the latter.

I would be completely satisfied if after the seven hours it had taken the Super Warrior Arc campaign, the game would be over. Meanwhile, it was only the first of the three giant sagas offered by the title. Interestingly, they are not continuous - they are rather three versions of the same story, shown from different perspectives and leading to different conclusions. This original approach works quite well, especially since the first campaign leaves a lot of understatement, which the subsequent ones explain.

The story takes place more or less at the same time as the Super series (the game refers to it several times, but in such a modest way that people unfamiliar with this series will not be particularly bothered by it) and focuses on Android 21, the heroine designed specifically for the title, and the army of clones haunting the world of the main heroes. The story gives a solid excuse for the next fights and is in the spirit of Dragon Ball , although it does not stand out too much ... well, apart from the fact that it explains elements of the gameplay mechanics, which it absolutely does not have to explain. Here we can find a justification for the fact that during duels in the arena there is only one character, why such Yamcha can fight as well as Goku and ... why the player controls the warriors. Seriously.

Network fame or HA-gosh

Unfortunately, Arc System Works engineers did not manage to prepare the network infrastructure for such great interest from players and the first days after the premiere were mainly spent on regular server disconnections - both in the lobby and in the middle of matches . It was only on Sunday that the situation improved so much that it was possible to play moderately comfortably. Until the situation stabilizes for good, it's better to avoid Dragon Ball FighterZ online modes and focus only on offline gameplay.

The aforementioned lobby serves as the main menu, implemented in the form of a small board full of places characteristic of Akira Toriyama's work, on which we move as a caricature version of the character we choose and we can interact with other players, challenge them to duels and choose game modes. There are also currently two items that do not serve anything - the house of the Turtle Hermit - and a model of the city, which suggests that in the future, in addition to the announced DLC characters, we can also expect some other expansions to the game.

Ranked fights allow you to gain new ranks, on the basis of which the game will select a theoretically equal opponent. I am writing "theoretically", because the system happens to throw an amateur who has only 2-3 matches behind him on a veteran seasoned in hundreds of matches. In addition, we can participate in friendly duels, compete with other people from the lobby and create our own rooms for up to eight players.