Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Review

Author: Marco "Uomoespo" Esposto
Date: 2021-01-26 09:46:36
For more than thirty years, the Dragon Quest series has embodied Japanese RPG in its purest form. It is the most popular series in Japan for lovers of the genre, even more than Final Fantasy, which especially in recent years has become heavily westernized. Dragon Quest has gradually evolved but remaining anchored to stylistic features of the 80s, of a way of conceiving the videogame that is more classic than that. The series has always been a difficult product to sell outside the Land of the Rising Sun. Not even the character design by Akira Toriyama was enough to convince the upper floors of the then Enix to market Dragon Quest all over the world. It was chosen to bring it to the United States, more the West could not hope for. So much so that we poor Europeans were able to officially get our hands on the series only with the arrival of the eighth chapter. Dragon Quest VIII: The Odyssey of the Cursed King, who lost the number VIII here to clearly favor the purchase to many newbies. Yet before the eighth chapter the series was still famous in these parts, in its own way. There was the manga and there was some chapter that in one way or another we managed to get to our beautiful country. A mixture of legends, imported titles, vulgar piracy, in short.

The present, however, appears much more rosy, now that Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of a lost era is a reality. Square Enix was initially reluctant, after all the ninth chapter, exclusive to DS, was released in 2009. The tenth was confined to Japan, as an MMORPG not easy to place outside its country of origin. After so many years of absence, would an audience that didn't have the brand so deeply rooted in their minds would have appreciated the return of the series on the living room console? Eventually Square decided that yes, it was worth a try, or re-try, if you like. Fortunately, because Dragon Quest XI, better said right away, is the best Dragon Quest ever.