Duck Game - Analysis

Author: Jose A. Rodríguez
Date: 2020-07-30 18:47:57
Landon Podbielski brings us Duck Game, a hilarious 2D retro shooter for PC that lovers of the 8-bit generation will enjoy. Bathed in side-scrolling humor and simple to the extreme, prepare to join us on a crazy odyssey with our downy friend and colleagues. Or alone. You choose.

When a game has such an outstanding aspect, two possibilities open up: either it will be a playable pass or we will suffer it. It's the first thing we fear when we watch Duck Game: his look doesn't differ much from what we saw when we connected the NES . Or for the younger ones, the console that did not have a name and they bought us in the Todo a Cien on duty and that Mario brought, the tanks and the game of ducks, with that idiot dog who laughed if we were not right. Or even for those born later: " virtual console ".

The point is that such a game only has possibilities to conquer lovers of this peculiar style or those who enjoy a special gameplay.

For starters, we are a duck . Yes, we have already said it, but we must influence it, since all we are going to see on the screen are ducks made with a pixel strike. Simple no, the following. But not ordinary and clucking ducks, but armed ducks. Ducks with pistols and shotguns, ducks thirsty to kill. Make no mistake that its visual finish and simple approach transform it into a monopoly game: passing this Duck Game poses a challenge of a thousand pairs of… One bullet is enough to knock down our down jacket and force us to face the challenge again.

As a score, we can get bronze, silver and gold , depending on how long it takes. All the elements are charmingly large: the locks, the keys. Everything. The rather tiny scenarios, with little space to maneuver, but with the need to use each resource of the character: a jet pack, a revolver, a shotgun, a machine gun ... Basically we will have to kill without being killed, and meet some objectives in the best possible time. Stealing documents, getting everyone else out of the way ... We are not short of resources, from a hook to a chainsaw. It will not be easy, but it will be satisfactory.

All of this is happening at tremendous speed, and the strategy must be carried out in seconds. These single-player challenges are what make the Duck Game an attractive title for those looking to show their ability, beyond just a game. The humor is overflowing (within its very brief visual qualities) due to its direct handling, for which it is a pleasure to have a pad . In the case of this analysis, the Xbox 360 for Windows has been used, and it responds perfectly.

With the crosshead, we move. With one button we jump, with another we shoot, with another we interact in case we had to do it ... but we are going to give more to the trigger (to shoot, not to any animal, to see if the associations these animal life).

Duck Game has a cooperative multiplayer mode for up to 4 players , at which point the title takes on a new dimension in every way. But the real fun is not in collaborating, why fool us. On the other hand, when we immerse ourselves in confrontations, the thing wins. The scenarios, which have different settings (and are still quite small), are generated randomly and allow us to spank each other beautifully, using various weapons. Attention that we even have swords at our disposal. We touch in this way to feel like a real party game.

It is appreciated since the single player campaign, which runs along levels that we access through arcade machines, will not last more than 5 hours . Come on, in one afternoon we can ventilate it. Something very positive about entering the multiplayer is the feeling of a level playing field. We explain: Duck Game is not a title like the usual 3D shooter, in which the study of scenarios and corners is basic. We can all kill the other duck with one stone. And that is really nice. The tests we will face will require speed, skill, aiming well, but above all good doing.

Yes, there is something surprising in Duck Game, in addition to the aforementioned. The audio is amazing . With a synthesizer always, and adapted to the eighties technical style, we will find cañeros machinist and rock themes, all fast, adapted to the duration of the levels. A real pass, and a mandatory addition as compensation.

Finally, mentioning its level editing mode, which will allow us to enjoy our creations with our friends and will expand the experience for as long as we want. Or shut down the servers. That we do not believe that the case occurs, as well, right?