Indiegram - Review

Author: Andrea Maderna
Date: 2020-07-30 18:48:16
The new appointment with our review of mini reviews dedicated to some of the most interesting indie proposals, curious or even just crazy in recent times, fishing a bit among all genres, also going to recover a couple of not very recent releases that we were lost on the street. On the first page you will find Sleep Attack, Order of Battle: Pacific and Adventures of Pip. In the second it's up to Toren, Duck Game and Three Fourths Home. In closing, we give space to Space Colony Steam Edition, Dex and Mighty Switch Force! Hyperdrive Edition in PC version.

Happy reading and enjoy!

Sleep Attack

The dreams of the round Ubaldo, the main protagonist of the very Italian title, are truly singular: cradled in the arms of Morpheus, he imagines himself supine and prey to funny monsters, pawns, fluttering and not, eager to nibble him. Fortunately for him, in the dreamlike danger, someone watches over his rest, girding him with turrets, fire mouths and what can be useful for this purpose.

Sleep Attack, after spending on smartphones and tablets, arrives at the mouse and keyboard court, thanks to Steam and the driving force of Greenlight. It is a tower defense with a twist, just to give it a fitting definition: everything revolves and turns, gravitates around an idea, small but with broad shoulders. The playing area is in fact composed of a series of concentric zones, circumferences with independent movement and supported by a pin. One gesture, by way of example, is enough to transform the western doors into the eastern bastions.

The hordes, as per the manifesto of the genre, follow one after the other, for ten turns, in a continuous crescendo. The first skirmishes, timid and almost harmless, turn into colossal sieges and, once the offensive is foiled, the tape is rewound, to resume listening to it in the next level. At more or less regular intervals, the formula is enriched with new elements, war and otherwise: the arsenal opens like a fan, both for the Guelphs and for the Ghibellines. Boredom is kept at a safe distance, except for a certain basic repetitiveness, a tare found in all tower defense.

Sleep Attack is a title made with all the trappings, arouses sympathy, thanks to the artistic direction saucy, and does not sin of presumption. Rotational motion does not lead to revolution, but in the end it does not matter. Bad Seed demonstrates competence, flair and vitality, I affirm it without flattery or parochialism. The game has solid arguments, looks after the concrete and does not get lost in chattering: in the delicate transition phase, in the transition from the tactile theater to the monitor arena, Ubaldo has not been lost and is strengthened.

Platform : PC
Genre : Defense
Price : € 6.99
Rating : 7.5

Lorenzo Baldo

Order of Battle: Pacific

Put a wargame, then already the niche of the niche. Made not by Norman Koger or Gary Grigsby, but by a semi-unknown developer. It is sold at the not-so-popular price of almost 40 euros. A game devoted to failure, you say? Men of little faith: this Order of Battle: Pacific is, however, among the five best strategists of this year. Strategic, and not just wargame, because the Slitherine title does not appeal only to keyboard generals, but to all fans of the reasoned video game.

A title that succeeds in taking a classic structure, that of Panzer General and Panzer Corps, and adding a touch of complexity here, a measure of realism there. Without ever exceeding and trespassing on the territory of hard and pure classics, but instead keeping a head above the simplest competitors. Order of Battle opens up a category of its own, perfect for both brave new players and veterans who want to rest their synapses a little. The setting is always the usual Second World War, in this case declined on the Pacific front, starting from the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

We always move in turns, we always control a force of combined weapons, the campaign goes on mission after mission ... what changes, then? First of all, a logistic system appears, which limits the number of troops that can be concentrated in a single point, and allows you to cut the opposing supplies with the maneuver. Then there is an emphasis on the naval component, predominant in battles that are simple only in appearance, but in reality take into account factors such as aerial reconnaissance, shooting accuracy and the positioning of aircraft carriers. And also a system of specializations, which allows you to choose between alternative bonuses for your army: field doctors or advanced landing craft, and so on. Even more interesting is the ability to complete secondary objectives that influence the course of the whole campaign: bomb the fuel depots in Pearl Harbor, and the enemy will have difficulty flying planes for the next two or three missions.

Order of Battle: Pacific lets you play smoothly, has a lot of fun and is chock full of good ideas. Its shortcomings are largely attributable to the low budget: the two campaigns, the Japanese and the American ones, are not particularly long and do not involve Chinese theater. Some maps end up being reused. The graphic effects are what they are. In short, that frugality that a not too full bag imposes. My advice is to help fill that bag because the talent is there and even so, this Order of Battle is well worth the ticket price.

Platform : PC
Genre : Banzai!
Price : 36.99 €
Rating : 9

Claudio Chianese

Adventures of Pip

Adventures of Pip is the debut title of Tic Toc Games, a studio founded by industry veterans with experience with big publishers such as Sony, but also by people who came out of those 2D geeks of WayForward Games. The game is set in a two-dimensional world in which the division by social classes is based on resolution: the nobles are a riot of pixels, the poor are all squared. The protagonist, Pip, is the most disastrous of all, to the point of being a single large pixel that hops around. But he is also a great little hero, who travels to save the princess kidnapped by an evil witch.

The journey develops according to the rules of a game based on platforms and puzzles, in which Pip can exploit the energy of the pixels to evolve towards higher resolutions, obtaining different skills. In pixellone format, it is light, fast and almost defenseless (you can still kill almost all enemies by jumping on their heads); in the intermediate format is a boy who runs even faster, throws punches and can climb; at maximum evolution, he is a warrior armed with a broadsword, who can break down walls but is very heavy, therefore unable to climb, slow, very little mobile.

Clearly, all level design is based on pushing to combine the three evolutionary stages of the protagonist, mixing platforms, small puzzles and fights. The idea works well and certain passages are very successful, especially in the final world, but overall the game lacks a strong personality in a bit all the points of view, from the visual one to the rhythm one, and however much you play with pleasure from start to finish, leaves a feeling of lost opportunity a little.

Platform: PC (tested version), Wii U
Genus: Pixellose platforms
Price: € 14.99
Rating: 7

Andrea Maderna