F1 2017 - Review

Author: Felice Di Giuseppe
Date: 2020-07-30 18:45:59
Well, now we can say it with certainty: even the official Formula 1 video game has reached a level of quality that is widely satisfactory. After the undecided test license plate 2015, the excellent scenario had already been defined last year with F1 2016 and is now complete: F1 2017 is a mister racing game and, specifically the discipline of simulations belonging to the sport of F1, a great title that will delight the fans of the highest category of single-seater open-wheel racing cars on the FIA circuit.

The merit undoubtedly goes to the Career mode, the pride of a production focused primarily on the celebration of the beauty and adrenaline that have always characterized the Formula 1 Grand Prix, even if, and it is known, in the last decade the races have become a bit too strategic, flattening and weighting most of the races that enrich the fans' weekends.

"Write the story" is the battle cry with which F1 2017 arrives in physical and digital stores all over the world towards the end of the summer. A well-chosen claim, because the approach of the main game mode is closely linked with the story with the flavor of the limelight that we are going to experience and of which we are the protagonists and the historical aspects of the sport in question, especially thanks to the events "Invitational" introduced for the first time in this chapter.