F1 2019 - Review

Author: Marco Salvaneschi
Date: 2020-07-31 00:02:54
No, don't worry. No Fiat Multipla in F1 2019, with its "graceful" shapes and its aerodynamic thrust (yes, with arms). The "multiple formula" to which I refer is the one proposed by this year's episode of the four-wheel series - rigorously uncovered - by Codemasters, which combines the classic Formula 1 license with the single-seaters of the FIA cadet category, Formula 2.

As I have been able to ascertain even more deeply than the recent Hamburg preview with the game, it is not a merely aesthetic addition, but a substantial one, capable of truly enriching the videogame formula of a series that already had so much to offer, and now has literally a gear more.

Undoubtedly the most important novelty of this year, the F1 2019 Formula 2 represent for now the official models of the 2018 championship (2019 will be added in the post-launch phase), consisting of 12 events and disputed by 20 official drivers divided into 10 team. Even the commentators are those of the real F2, even if our Davide Valsecchi sincerely doesn't seem to me to have the same voice, as nice as it is a bit petulant, that shows off from the Formula 1 paddock. Multiple formula for him too? Seriously, Formula 2 is not a joke at all: keep an eye on them.

In the end, in fact, they mount a turbocharged V6 and a chassis not very dissimilar - and not surprisingly - from those adopted in F1, with the difference of being assembled all by the same manufacturer, the very Italian and historic Dallara. So here, in Formula 2, the difference is almost only the skills of the drivers, in reality as well as in the game.

The perfect incubator to churn out and show tomorrow's future Formula 1 champions to the world. Or today, as fully demonstrated by the road traveled by the new talent Ferrari Charles Leclerc, winner in Formula 2 in 2017 after winning the GP3 in 2016, participant in the Ferrari Driver Academy for three years and now finally landed as second (?) driver on the Maranello red after a year in the Sauber.

A path that can also be followed in the game and in the very early stages of his career, as we will see. A path that immediately begins to forge not only the driving technique, but also the character of the person that each driver is and must also be off the track, in relations with the press and the other drivers, with the team and the teammate.

Hence, taming the domineering and less progressive pair of the cadet category on the track, more prone to make you spin in power if you do not promptly check the relative oversteer, being able to count on less electronic aids and aerodynamic appendages compared to F1, is almost as complicated as hold your tongue in the paddock against a particularly annoying rival, not only behind the wheel but also in words.

Returning to the track, without going too much into the technical details, compared to the aforementioned Formula 2 the F1 are as fast and drivable as more "cold", technological and digital as they are in their thousand electronic aids, adjustable as desired by the player according to their own driving skills and sensitivity.

In short, we are not faced with a mere graphic "re-skin", but with an accurate work of performance characterization, as indeed demonstrated by all the cars present in the game, from Formula 1 2019 to all those of the glorious past of the circus World Cup - of which we have spoken to you here, and which can be piloted within special single player Championships or even in occasional Invitational events within the same Career, useful to replenish your reputation and rivalry statistics.

A characterization that, of course, is better appreciated by using a steering wheel at least worthy of which is my dear old Logitech G29 - but dreaming of a Direct Drive like the Podium Racing Wheel F1 of Fanatec - even if via controller you are able to "feel" the machine in a way that is at least sufficient to draw trajectories that are not too wavy. Here, however, you will find all the control systems officially supported at the moment on each hardware platform, PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC.