Fallout 4 - Automatron - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 17:07:46
Bethesda has kicked off Fallout 4 downloadable content with Automatron, the first piece of add-ons for its recent RPG. It is a light expansion that is included in the season pass, or that can be purchased separately at the price of € 9.99. A price that, a priori, seems tight, but whose real value depends on the quality it offers.

Automatron's proposal uses part of the world of Fallout 4, but takes the opportunity to add new possibilities and even puts on the table some newly minted secondary characters, framed in a story created specifically for the occasion. Admittedly, this is not the most elaborate story we've seen in this universe , nor the longest-running, but it achieves its purpose of entertaining and serving as an excuse for introducing new mechanics in Fallout 4. Everything is as simple as that the mysterious Mechanist has released a series of killer robots in the Commonwealth, and we have to take him down and screw his plans. There's no room for too many spins or surprises in your 3-4 hours of play in the main campaign. We will start by going to the rescue of a caravan, and meeting ADA a new robotic adventure companions, and we will end up going through a pair of linear dungeons, but both very well designed, in pursuit of ending the evil Mechanist. All while we keep finding robots of all kinds and weapons swarming the game world.

In the meantime we will have to focus on our extreme creation and customization of our robotic companion. We will be able to 'pull' Curie or ADA, or create something completely new, that adapts perfectly to the characteristics of our character. In order to do this we will have to collect a huge amount of materials from the environment, but also fight with an endless number of robotic enemies, which will leave us various rewards in the form of parts for our metal buddy. It must be said that to play this DLC it is necessary to have at least level 15 , and that it is more than recommended to have a decent level of Robotics, since we will have access to even more possibilities, although all the characters will be able to reach deep into these metallic entities.

Because we can customize both its appearance and weapons and accessories , being able to create the most deadly robot, or simply one that can perfectly complement our character, healing us, carrying materials or supporting us when we need it most. The variety is extensive in almost every way (although there are just over half a dozen main types), including up to new weapons that serve to expand Fallout 4's range of offensive options (lasers and hacksaws, for example). The best thing is that these new companions are not limited to the confines of Automatron , but can be carried in the main campaign of Fallout 4 and, in addition, we can leave them taking care of certain areas of the map, just in case the enemies (robotic or not) they attack our sites.

Bottom line, Automatron doesn't come around to reinvent Fallout 4's original gameplay formula, which remains largely intact, but instead intends to add a couple extra layers of sophistication to the mix Bethesda offered us a few months ago. So much so that even the same level of polishing is maintained, offering an imperfect finish in which bugs and glitches that make us repeat an area or see strange details on stage are not uncommon. The same pattern could be applied to the graphic or sound section, always bearing in mind that we will see new areas and hear dialogues created specifically for Automatron, although we will not be surprised by their detail or complexity. In this sense, it simply complies.

Automatron arrives to add depth to Fallout 4, but miss the opportunity to become a memorable experience in itself . The story is not too long, nor is it very elaborate, but the robot customization mechanics that it introduces do manage to be a step forward in this universe. The cold metal may not have as much personality as our beloved meatball, but being able to adapt a robot to complement our way of playing, compensates for that little detail. If Bethesda at least tried a little more to polish its contents before launching them ... At least, we were surprised that this Automatron is a DLC with much more substance than we expected, which always leaves a good flavor of mouth.