Fallout 4 - Review

Author: Dan Stapleton
Date: 2020-07-30 17:07:53
Translated from English by IGN France.

Most of the gameplay mechanics of this huge role-playing (and shootout) game are carried by those of its excellent predecessors, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Fallout 4 is to Fallout 3 what Skyrim is to Oblivion, if you can imagine it: it builds on the formidable systems of the previous one, and it's about as dense in places to explore, with some truly creepy monsters as well as an atmosphere. thrilling post-apo, which mixes a disturbing dose of hemoglobin and death, all in a funny yet somber mood of black comedy. After over fifty-five hours of playing in the countryside, I finally found an ending, but felt like I had barely begun to explore its extraordinary world. As it is, I think I could still spend a good hundred hours and continue to see new and surprising things.

The story begins: You are on the hunt for your lost family, but the storyline very quickly evolves into something more complex and morally nuanced. Like in Fallout: New Vegas, we find ourselves in the middle of a battle between several groups for control of the region, and having to decide on which post-apocalyptic philosophy to embrace, made me stop a moment to think about how I wanted to see events unfold. Speaking of which, I was in awe of the sympathy one can feel for villains: even the worst murderer is presented with a hint of humanity.

Mega (Bos) tone

As is the tradition of Bethesda Game Studios' open-world role-playing games, the main story is clearly not as compelling as the very well-written side quests you'll encounter as you wander the ruins around Boston. , now known as the Commonwealth. I have found it difficult to solve quests such as going from point A to point B without being drawn to a few enticing detours. The abandoned office of a comic book publisher? How could I pass by without stopping there? Boston's famous Fenway Park? Let's go see what has become of him. A ruined high school with heads on stakes outside? I bet he has some good loot there! When I came across this kind of discovery, I had the impression of going back to childhood, at Easter time, with parents who were not necessarily good at hiding eggs.

Exploration is its own reward, as here we visit the most diverse universe that has been created in a Fallout, with destroyed urban areas, grim forests with dead vegetation, ominous swamps, a desolate area mired in a radioactive haze, and even a few places that would almost seem like hospitable, like beaches or friendly farms. The colors of the Commonwealth are much more saturated than those of Wasteland, the capital of Fallout 3, although the former has its dose of grays and browns and the same clear blue sky as New Vegas (unlike the oppressive clouds) when it does. is not raining, it is not dark, or there are no frightening green radioactive storms. It is often pretty. Attention to detail is clearly visible in any location; Fallout 4 is probably just a figurehead when it comes to graphics (character animations are still pretty average) but from the Pip-Boy interface (which is completely altered when you wear your armor) to the meticulous assembly of the skeletal remains that tell the tragic, or funny, endings of long-dead characters, to the tattered posters on the walls, and even the raindrops on your visor (if you wear one), everything stays on permanently impressive.

Ultra Power!

Perhaps because this adventure is a long drawn out task, Fallout tries to get us hooked too quickly from the start. After a brief glimpse into pre-apocalypse life in the near future of Fallout and a brief description of the events of the day the bombs fell in 2077, we barely have time to get our hands dirty in this post-apocalyptic era. that Fallout throws us into the heart of intense action. You are given a version of the mighty armor, and a heavy weapon, and you are launched into a battle against one of the most representative monsters of the series, just to make a mark!

It's not a habit in the series to give us a glimpse of the powerful toys that we will have access to later, but it does give the motivation necessary to be able to get them. Still, for the Fallouts, it's a faux pas that breaks with the tradition of starting from scratch and ultimately becoming the dominant force in the Wasteland. It didn't really bother me when I first started exploring the area, but knowing that this armor was available when I needed it made me a little too confident as I began my journey into a world. hostile and usually does not forgive any mistakes.

It builds character

One of the things that players familiar with the series will notice with the character creation tools is that the skill point and character trait system has been absorbed into the bonus system. The character progression has been brought together under a single graphic stamped with Vault Boy and animated to be very clear. While this streamlining means having to ditch the previous system, it also means how you spend that one extra point, gained when you level up, has a bigger impact. Therefore, these decisions represent a real commitment and are difficult to make: either you use it to gain a new advantage, but the level is low, or you upgrade the level of a talent that you already have. Another possibility is to unlock one of the SPECIAL attributes like Luck, allowing to boost certain statistics or to unlock a new skill even more powerful at the next level?

These possibilities are perhaps more generic compared to those in previous games, in the sense that you will never suffer from crippling lacks, but they are still different features that will change the feeling between the other possible customizations. And before you complain about Fallout's drop in overall complexity, take a look at the new gear crafting and progression system, which has nastily caught up with getting more complicated and, most importantly, more interesting. .

Essential waste

As if it wasn't complicated enough to present the game, know that the creation system of Fallout 4 gives even more motivation to pick up, obsessively, everything that is not nailed to the ground. Every object in the universe is made up of components that you can guess most uses for: bottles are used for their glass, a desk fan will give you steel and gears, and a roll of tape is worth, you'll end up understand it, its weight in gold. I once desperately searched for pencils to extract the lead they contained and then use them to create an anti-radiation shield. Nothing is ever unnecessary waste, which means managing the weight of your inventory (if you're too heavy, you get slowed down) comes down to a constant series of hellish decisions about what to take and what to leave.

The value of these raw materials comes from their use in material upgrades, which gives every weapon you pick up tremendous potential. Stopping at a workshop with the right components in your pocket can turn a pistol into a close-range automatic weapon that will smash anything it aims at, or a sniper rifle with a long barrel for better accuracy and bigger butt, which reduces recoil and therefore better aim. A few small modifications on a classic laser gun can add burns for a while, or diffuse the beam like a pump shotgun might. But the best thing is, these changes aren't just variations on weapon stats! Indeed, all the modifications you make change the shape of the weapons for an arsenal of incredible variety.


Likewise, the new armor system allows you to assemble six pieces of gear - helmet, breastplate, arms, and legs - on top of your clothing to form asymmetrical patched-up outfits, which look exactly like someone might wear. 'one who would plunder these desolate lands in order to be able to dress. My character's current outfit features at least one piece from each main faction, which reflects both his allegiances and his victories over enemies. And obviously, armor can be upgraded using harvested materials, although it doesn't give the same cosmetic effect to weapons.

However, the weapons system suffers from a certain inconsistency. Many times I have been saddened to find new outfits like a tuxedo or a Halloween costume, but it struck me as tragic that I couldn't use them as the basis for a new look. Only a few suits seem to be able to have shoulder pads or shin guards attached to them and this is not really specified ...