Far Cry 3 review - carnage in the tropics

Author: Gambrinus
Date: 2012-11-21 18:00:00
The review was based on the PC version.

Far Cry 3 is advertised under the slogan "Know the definition of madness." Fortunately, the latest Ubisoft shooting does not lead to white fever, as the "two" could do. On the contrary - the latest work from the Montreal studio is a really successful production, correcting most of the errors of its predecessor , with a great campaign supplemented with great additions, which together make up one of the best shooter packages this year.

The backbone of Far Cry 3 is its single-player campaign of great momentum and equally great ambition. How else can you call taking on the breakneck challenge of combining dynamic, contemporary shooting with an open world, RPG elements and a mature storyline? Ubisoft comes out of this clash with a shield, thanks to the clever construction of the whole. The story of Jason Brody's and company unfortunate tourist expedition is intriguing, despite some clichéd patents and slightly exaggerated independent characters. The very fact of playing a rather effeminate, fearful and insecure American is a bold and original game. We usually step into the skin of a battle-hardened soldier who is able to twist a mammoth's neck with his bare hands. This time our hero is an empty, uncontrollable powerord with a trivial past and even less interesting prospects. It is only the struggle to survive that awakens his deeply hidden potential as a warrior, and the transformation Jason undergoes is one of the most engaging elements of the story.

Following the character's development keeps you in suspense, and his subsequent decisions and growing enthusiasm for violence make you wonder if the jungle does not actually turn him into another of its crazy inhabitants. And those in the Rook archipelago are in abundance: a mushroom-addicted doctor, a paranoid CIA agent, or a charismatic but crazy Australian Buck, these are just a few on the list of well-twisted and often disturbing individuals.

However, I would be lying if I said that the plot avoided clichés or stumbles. Many times, the game is able to properly strike the emotional strings, be it through dialogues with NPCs (solid facial expressions!) Or bizarre narcotic visions, flashbacks and hallunas. Unfortunately, Far Cry 3 too often uses well-worn cliches, which do not fit the rather gloomy tone of the script. The lighter stops the bullet, saving the protagonist from imminent death, another time the protagonist falls into a sophisticated trap when, after a great shootout, he is hit with his butt from a hidden opponent, perhaps behind a screen. After such slapstick patents, it's hard to go back to taking history seriously. Also, some "distractions" can spoil the climate - island quad racing on an island engulfed in genocide? Drama.

The creators took the task of creating a beautiful world completely seriously. The tropical archipelago opens up to us after a few initial missions. After learning the basics of the jungle, the world begins to tempt with dozens of additional activities. By the way, he does it very well - for the first few hours of fun I couldn't help but explore the perfectly designed islands. There are a lot of attractions here - from typical quests, through various challenges done on a smaller scale and reflecting the next corners of the island, ending with collectibles - so it is impossible to get bored. First of all, the developer ensured the quality of side quests and effectively motivated to scrupulously search the location. Lost Letters reveal the sad history of the Japanese garrison during World War II. Figures of idols (120 in number) are often placed in places where just getting there is a little satisfying adventure. What's more, each smallest activity in the game world is rewarded with a certain number of experience points.

Far Cry 3 introduces a character development system that allows you to acquire new skills of a Rakyat warrior. We have 3 extensive trees at our disposal, consisting of over 50 improvements. However, it is impossible to talk about big decisions, because the bitter player will unlock all paths in full with time. Simple crafting has also been taken from RPG games - we prepare stimulating and healing substances (from collected plants) and improve holsters, bags and wallets (with the skins of hunted animals). Although it is impossible to talk about the level of complexity of a full-fledged RPG, the role-playing elements introduce a welcome variety and a greater sense of control over the protagonist.

Although the campaign provides about 20 hours of fun , only the multiplayer turns out to be a real time waster. Before the premiere, I did not expect too much from the online modes, but several elements distinguish Far Cry 3 in a plus, and chasing after ten maps is a lot of fun.

First of all, Far Cry 3 is strongly focused on cooperation between soldiers in the team . Merit including Battle Shout mechanics that improve the skills of all allies in the immediate vicinity. Inevitably, sticking together measurably increases your chances of survival. In addition, each hit companion is susceptible to resuscitation for several seconds. Resurrecting a companion provides more experience than shooting an opponent, which is a fitting incentive even for traditional "lone wolves" to change their playstyle. The number of modes is a bit disappointing - Ubisoft's offer with only four forms of fun (and none too innovative) is pale compared to the competition's offer, especially Black Ops II .