Far Cry 4 review - shooter sandbox with almost no limits

Author: Przemysław Zamęcki
Date: 2014-11-19 13:15:00
The review was based on the PS4 version. Also valid for PC, XONE versions

Kyrat. A land at the foot of the Himalayas ruled by King Pagan Min, another "shaybus" from the Ubisoft gallery of antagonists. In a country ruled by a military warlord, where terror reigns at every turn, not everyone has laid down their arms yet. The organization of the Golden Route resists. However, there is also no unanimity in it. The rebellion can be harmed by a conflict among its leaders, one of whom wants to restore people's old traditions and beliefs, while the other will not hesitate to trade drugs in order to liberate the country and introduce more liberal rules of coexistence.

Your name is Ajay Ghale. You come to Kyrat straight from America to fulfill the request of your mother, who wished to scatter her ashes in her homeland. It is only up to you who you offer your services to.

The last sentence does not fully reflect the actual state of affairs, but it is not untrue. The review of a game does not often begin with the fact that it can be completed in a dozen or so minutes, by being in good harmony with the arch-villain. However, apart from this little joke prepared by the creators, we will actually visit Kyrat under the direction of the Golden Route. The missions that we will complete for the organization, however, differ depending on our support for one of the leaders. Their goals will be opposite, and the candidate we support will become the leader of the entire organization for some time. This does not mean that the game can be played twice in different ways, because there are only a few such alternative missions, but it brings a breath of fresh air. Just in case we didn't notice after the first few hours of play that the number had changed with the title we were playing.

The biggest advantage of Far Cry 4, and at the same time its biggest disadvantage, is that almost all character development, the mechanisms governing the open world, and even some characters are basically a carbon copy of its predecessor. In the latter case, even literally, because once again we will meet agents Willis or Hurk. Someone malicious might even say that it is Far Cry 3.5 , but taking this point of view, we can easily fall into the pattern of naming each continuation in a similar way, the creators of which do not disregard earlier ideas. And if something worked well, why change it?

Far Cry 4 is simply more polished, more interesting and more dynamic than the third installment. In which the credit goes to a slightly more varied appearance of the world, a few small patents to facilitate the gameplay and new means of transport. And, of course, the graphics, which may not bring you to your knees, but shows that we are dealing with some progress in the use of the Dunia engine.

Usually the plot is the weakest element of any shootout. What distinguishes the Ubisoft concern from many other tycoons is, in my opinion, the desire to press into their productions stories that are a bit more than just "kill everyone, find the key, go to the next level". Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the four. It is true that we are not dealing with a teenager who turns into a Rambo clone in a few days and murders in cold blood a host of opponents, but Ajay Ghale, who as a man learning about his parents' history is no more convincing. Also the challenges facing him, and thus the plot of the game, did not make me look forward to the sequel. Far Cry 4 puts the player in front of a moral choice a few times, and these are by far the highlights of the campaign, but really only once for a long while did I hesitate what I should do. In other cases, I was more wondering if I would miss some interesting animation sometimes. Thirty-two main missions are enough for several hours of fun, but when we want to complete the game one hundred percent, it will be something to do for a long, long time.

Far Cry 4 will be the greatest fun for people who want to once again experience the enormity of the world presented and will not be bothered by the feeling that they have seen it all somewhere, once before. The masts have replaced the bell towers, but you still have to climb them and destroy the radio to reveal a piece of the map. Capturing enemy camps is the same as before. Perhaps only less often there are cages with wild beasts, but there will be sniper shots of vulnerable guards, destroying alarms and sneaking with a bow or bow between buildings to complete the next mercifully noiseless headshot. For fans of stealth, which I belong to, it's a must do.

The character's skill set actually remained the same. The Way of the Tiger is a combat set of abilities, such as faster reloading or greater resistance to explosions. The Way of the Elephant offers additional health bars, mixing potions to support us in the field and a total novelty. Riding an elephant.

Once we think that Ubisoft hasn't made an effort at all, we start to discover the little things that complete the picture. The elephant is like a tank. It is difficult to kill him, and riding on his back to the camp full of soldiers, Pagan Mina, is like putting a stick in an anthill. The animal rams or blows its trunk, rejecting its opponents, and they run chaotically left and right, terrified of an unexpected visit. If someone does not want to circle around the camp like a hungry coyote, then with the help of such a companion he will deal with the guards once and twice.

Kyrat is undoubtedly an interesting place, but watching the mountain peaks obscuring the horizon, I kept wondering when the game would finally allow me to look around at the ridges. Well, from time to time we will succumb to the all-consuming charm of white, but if someone thought that we would climb the higher parts of the mountains from the green hills on our own, unfortunately, they will feel disappointed. Yes, there is a rope with a hook in the game, but it is more for rock climbing. Sometimes to swing on the rope like Tarzan on vines and jump over gaps. Far Cry 4 takes us several times high, right into the arms of snowstorms and monasteries built in inaccessible places, but it is always a separate mission read on the loading screen, never a part of the open world. I admit that this is not what I expected. Although the green surroundings of the hills and valleys provide a lot of attractions, for good morning I wanted to nail the Yeti turtle, not just in the announced DLC.

There are side missions in the game, including those that take us in a narcotic sight to the fictional land of Shangri-La, corrupted by the demons of Rakshasa. These tasks are interesting because we are accompanied by a white tiger who can be ordered to attack the enemy. Shangri-La introduces delicate elements of horror to the shooter whole. The situation is similar in the few regular missions in which the hero will be drugged. Of course, various hallucinogens play a role in the game. We still collect plants and prepare potions from them. Likewise, nothing has changed with the hunting of animals. Their skins will allow you to modify Ajay's gear.