Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 17:28:43
You have been playing Far Cry 5 for almost three months. You have had time to free Hope, try everything in Far Cry Arcade, and of course you have done almost all the side missions available in this populated world. How could it be otherwise, you want more. If this is the case, Ubisoft has thought of you with its season pass, which will offer three completely new experiences based on the latest installment. The first of them is imminent (arrives on May 5 on PS4, One and PC), and takes us to Vietnam. Then it will be time to visit Mars and finish with lots of zombies ... But let's not anticipate events, and let's talk about what Hours of Darkness offers.

This first downloadable content is accessible from the main menu of the game, as long as we have finished the prologue of Far Cry 5 in which we released the initial island. If we have, the option to choose between the additional content available will appear, which will transport us to each of the unique adventures of these DLC. The first one puts us in the shoes of Wendell, an American soldier who remains, along with his battalion companions, in enemy terrain. Not only that, but we will also be the only one freed after the forced landing of our helicopter, so we will not only have to worry about reaching the extraction point , but to free our comrades, the captured South Vietnamese soldiers, take enemy positions. ... And find a couple of collectibles along the way.

For this, a unique territory has been created, separate from the main game, with new vegetation, construction and orography. It is not gigantic, but it is enough to offer a good number of different locations and game situations, whether we play alone or cooperatively with a friend . Although, it must be said that this Hours of Darkness is like a trimmed version, and with certain changes, of the main game . That is, we meet again with almost all the basic mechanics of the game, but smoothed out. There are fewer vehicles, fewer types of weapons, almost no crafting, fewer comrades-in-arms (only the three American soldiers we can rescue), no evolution of the main character ... It is not a big problem, since the adventure is short , even if we try to do everything, in which case it will take us about 3 hours. In addition, Ubisoft Shanghai has included a new mechanic that allows us to gain certain 'powers' by performing murders without being detected (go faster while ducking, detect enemies at a greater distance, etc ...). All of them aimed at making our lives easier if we are stealthy, to the point that when they detect us they are lost. A small novelty that already gives us clues that this DLC works much better when we try not to be discovered. The other playable addition is the possibility to request air attacks if we have finished with the antiaircraft guns and we have this type of attack available (recharges when performing any of the secondary tasks).

In general, in this Hours of Darkness we will try to infiltrate enemy positions without being detected, avoiding roads and walking through the dense jungle created for the occasion. It is when we do this that this DLC works best, since the enemy AI (and ally) does not work very well in open combat . Initially, enemies from too many sites will appear and, to continue, their behavior is somewhat erratic. At least, we just have to run in the opposite direction to end up escaping from his gaze and forget about us ... This is a problem that already existed in Far Cry 5, but with the wide territory that framed the action, it went unnoticed . This time the size of the map is more modest , to the point that sometimes there will only be one possible way to advance, something that we are little used to in the Far Cry series.

With this in mind, the gameplay loop in Hours of Darkness changes from Far Cry 5, with much more ride than vehicle and a greater accent on stealth. We will quite enjoy exploring the recreated area of Vietnam as we explore its secrets (underground tunnels included). However, the flatness of the proposal in playable terms makes it age fast , just in time for when we reach the final moments of the downloadable content. At that time we will have already killed countless enemies without being seen, toured secret tunnels, finished with Vietnamese outposts and used the multiple weapons of the time. In this way, we will not have too many problems in reaching the end without hardly dying (we found it even easier than the full game), and it will be time to replay it in the two extra difficulties that are unlocked . One will make things more difficult for us, lowering our health and the other just the opposite, allowing us to carry out air strikes without restrictions. It is not that he reinvents himself, but at least it is curious ...

As for its technical sections, there are no great variations from what was seen in Far Cry 5 , although it is true that lighting is more important here, since all the action takes place at night. In this way there are continuous reflections of the moon, night fog (and that produced by the Napalm), etc ... Few flaws in this regard, although it is true that every time we leave the menu the image suddenly darkens. in a strange and artificial way. As for the sound, we find Spanish dubbing at the usual level of Ubisoft games (high), but few melodies of the time or specific to this content, which represents a little missed opportunity.

If we get picky, it must be said that Ubisoft did not want to get dirty with the barbarities that were committed in the Vietnam War and we did not find violence, blood or shell that was not in the base game. The same goes for the argument, a simple excuse that could have been exploited much more. However, this is understandable as it is additional content that is intended to be short. Hours of Darkness does succeed in differentiating itself from the main game , even if it is short-lived and not at all profound.