Football Manager 2019 - Review

Author: Raffaello "Gruspola" Rusconi
Date: 2020-07-30 22:44:06
The tactical keys that characterize the new season of managerial simulation signed by Sports Interactive are to be found in the game philosophy and in putting players in a position to express their skills / potential. As Juventus and his eclectic coach are demonstrating game after game this beginning of the season, to create a potentially perfect machine it is essential to interpret more tactical scores and Football Manager 2019 has treasured it. A lot of work on the tactical part and an improved management / periodization of training are the tools that Sports Interactive wants to entrust to the potential Klopp, Ancelotti and Guardiola of Football Manager 2019.

After simplifying any aspect of their simulation in recent years to meet the needs of newbies, the development team focused on finding the right amalgam and making the game experience better even for the mistreated veterans of the series. Football Manager 2019 remains the usual encyclopedic managerial football simulation most beautiful on the planet, while not offering anything revolutionary. The official licenses of the Bundesliga have been added (2 leagues for a total of 36 teams), the celebrated VAR and the goal-line technology have been introduced, the interface has been cleaned up (with a new skin) and many small aspects of the game engine. Having ascertained that there are no sensational innovations, there is no reason to be alarmed or to despair. After messing up the lives of us poor virtual coaches with a thousand changes to the interface and a disproportionate number of menus to consult, Sports Interactive has chosen the path of the "magic power of tidying up" in Football Manager 2019.

Training scheduling, for example, is the perfect synthesis of the new input. Football Manager 2019 returns to the old by proposing solutions already tested in the past, allowing even more exhaustive and at the same time simpler planning and management of training methodologies (without delegating everything to the CPU). Not only will it be possible to select the type of exercise to be carried out or to program the number of sessions during the week, but you can train your players specifically by setting a series of objectives to achieve.

Once established your "creed" you choose how to move your eleven in the ball possession phase, without the ball and so on. Pressing, restarts, verticalizations, and everything that is in fashion (and not) is found in a new, decidedly more functional and less chaotic guise. And for those who do not want to go crazy to regulate each of their eleven in Sarri style, there is always the possibility of using pre-set tactics: from the inevitable "Tiki Taka" by Pep (also in vertical version) to the "park the bus" ”In the penalty area so dear to Setubal Mourinho's Vate. Sports Interactive has prepared 11 generic schemes that can be configured according to your needs. Football Manager 2019 remains impressive from this point of view: a praise to the development team for being able to streamline and better organize all this good thing. The navigation between the menus is much more intuitive than in previous editions, ditto the use / metabolization of the infinite amount of data produced by the Sports Interactive simulation.

The finishing work also involved the transfer market, the beating heart of the series. Greater emphasis has been placed on the development / growth of young people, which is essential when playing with teams that have limited financial resources or that are under the magnifying glass of the elusive Financial Fair Play. You can indulge yourself in finding the Paquetá of the situation, snatching some young African stars from the big names in the Premier League and proposing pharaonic contracts to young stars like Vinícius. As always Football Manager 2019 proves to be damned exhaustive and impressive even if the transfers are a bit more complicated than usual, even for the football superpowers: between work permits, various requests and counter-offers it is not so obvious to get to the much desired Bale or Pogba of the situation (and not even to the aforementioned Paquetà ...). In short, a bit like the summer market of 2018: even the great Real Madrid failed to snatch Neymar or Mbappé from PSG or Hazard from Chelsea.

Collecting galacticos-style figurines or buying a player not appreciated by the undisputed star of your team are delicate operations that could undermine the dynamics of the locker room. Often the relationships between the players are hung by a thin thread and nothing is enough to dissatisfy someone and trigger a period of negativity or controversy. Fortunately, the assistants give a hand in the psychological management of the locker room and allow you to understand without too many words when it is time to give up a player or when to promote him in the first team. The controversies in the Mourinho-Pogba style have not yet been implemented (sin!), While the media / dialectical skirmishes (the "social" stuff is boring) no matter how much they improve, they still cannot thrill as in reality. However, the football manager of Football Manager 2019 has nothing to envy for rumor and negotiations to that reported on television by Di Marzio and the whole Sky Sport crew, even if it would take a good broadcast with Bonan to cheer us between a game and a ' other.

As for the 3D representation of the games, Sports Interactive continues to slowly progress. We are not - and never will be - at the level of the various FIFA / PES but we noticed some more animation and also the physics of the ball has undergone some adjustments. There is no shortage of good game moments with highly concentrated actions of realism, while the proverbial goslings of the goalkeepers anger a lot. Goals on cross from the side bands have decreased while the attackers score in different ways. The introduction of the VAR works, although it is limited to a small number of leagues. There have been some timid steps forward in the reproduction of the stadiums, even if they remain a little too bare and anonymous (like the sound effects).

No new game modes have been added: in addition to the usual offline and online career with friends there are the classic Fantasy Draft and Create a Team variants. From Sports Interactive, however, we expected some news: will it be for next year?

I played Football Manager 2019 thanks to a Steam code provided by Sega. The tests were carried out with a PC equipped with an i7 processor and equipped with 16 GB of RAM. I made a commitment to bring back to the Premier League a fallen nobleman like Nottingham Forest: mission completed after three seasons. After the English parenthesis I started an online career with AC Milan and I tested the Fantasy Draft mode with a couple of friends.