ForgottOn Anne - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-08-28 11:05:37
Forgotton Anne tells us the story of forgotten things. Of what happens with your socks abandoned under the bed, with your grandmother's chime in the attic or that monitor on your old PC that you don't even know where you have it. They all come to life the moment you forget them, and are transported to a parallel dimension in which they miss their former owners, at the same time that they begin to be part of a society in the purest Victorian style, with a government and even rebels. who fight against oppression. We incarnate Anne, the right hand of the highest president of this this world, Master Bonku, in charge of maintaining peace in this universe.

Our story with her begins with a blackout in her tower. From there we will begin to know more about this character, his world and the incredible amount of gray that the first Throughline Games contains. It is a narrative adventure with a small dose of platforming and quite a few puzzles, all framed in an almost fairy tale universe, more typical of a Studio Ghibli film than of a regular video game. This is also reinforced by the fact that we will continually see animated scenes after each action, which will make us feel like the protagonists of a highly interactive anime. The downside is that the game comes entirely in English, both texts and voices, so it may not be as easy to understand as many would like.

The story is interesting, the characters that populate it are well written and overflowing with charisma and there are even multiple script twists along the way, which makes the Forgotton Anne experience a pleasant surprise that manages to dazzle us with almost every aspect of it. . Visually surprising with its hand-drawn appearance, narratively it is up to the task and, even in the playable plot, it does not deviate too much from our exorbitant expectations, completing a most interesting and surprising offer.

In its part of platforms we will be invited to tour the city jumping, climbing and interacting with various elements of the stage. We noticed some delay in Anne's movements, in the purest style of Delphine Software games , for example Flashback or Another World), but at least it makes sense in the context of the cinematographic style of the proposal. In addition, evolution is continuous and fast, renewing mechanics and presenting new challenges before us every so often, so there is no room for boredom. Anne's wings give a lot of play and they gather new possibilities as the adventure progresses.

Added to this is an element of puzzle solving , which is almost the most important part of Forgotton Anne. We will have to pull levers, activate machines, talk to characters to find clues ... In addition to using the anima energy bracelet to activate mechanisms here and there. The intricacy of this bracelet comes doubly, since we will only have, at least in principle, a charge to activate the different electrical / mechanical elements of the stage, but that energy can be extracted from deposits or from living beings that populate the world of game. Yes, friends, the gray area of this original proposal begins.

Because the Throughline Games proposal enjoys putting us in a tight spot and forcing us to choose between different shades of gray . For example, forcing us to choose a culprit between two Forgotlings (as the inhabitants of this world are called) after the infiltration of the rebels and a couple of conversations with them (it will be usual to be able to choose between a couple of dialogue options), or inviting us to absorb all the energy of a scarf that slipped into our house. Also, almost at every step of the adventure, we will doubt many of the premises of the story. Is Master Boku the 'good guy' in the story? Are the rebels evil? Is the Ether Bridge that we are building to return to reality good for everyone? These are some of the questions that are at stake and that we ourselves will have to answer with the information we have and our own intuition , thereby making us feel like owners of the Forgotton Anne story.

It must be borne in mind that we are faced with a game without fighting and without the death of the protagonist, so our inexorable progress towards the conclusion of the adventure will only find the puzzles as the main obstacle. In about 6-7 hours we will be able to finish it without too many problems, and without there being much interest in playing it again beyond trying to make other decisions throughout Anne's adventure.

In short, the gameplay is interesting, the story is engaging, the visual invoice is excellent at all levels (although if we get fine, some extra frames in certain animations would not hurt), the sound is also excellent, with a soundtrack performed by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra ... Only control fails, and not too much, either. For all this, Forgotton Anne has become a little gem to discover, although the truth is that it does not catch us new, since the game has had enough to accumulate prizes in its development stages. You can buy it from next May 15 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.