Forza Horizon 2 - Review

Author: Stefano Talarico
Date: 2020-07-30 23:30:51
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Imagine you are behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracán, chased by a large group of avid supercars, while sliding gently between Italy and France on a splendid road that cuts in half the steep Ligurian Apennines, characterized by terrace crops, and the boundless blue sea beyond the stone walls that delimit the roadway. The road is barely humid, so much so that even the yellow monster of Sant'Agata Bolognese, 610 horses anchored to the ground with four-wheel drive, loses grip just enough to dance, honoring Vivaldi's summer that flows from the radio, with the passion that is its own. At that moment you understand that the important thing is not the destination, that the opponents do not count and that the next race does not exist: there is only you, open mouth and pad in hand, Forza Horizon 2 in the console, and the best summer ever .

There is the tortuous charm of the Ligurian villages, with those houses that seem to have taken their place by force in the mountains. There are the colorful French boulangeries, which line the long walks on the sea (and occupy the precious sidewalk!), As well as the unshakable medieval villages and small country houses, subtly interspersed with the endless vineyards or the irresistible lavender fields on the sides of the roads. Forza Horizon 2's Europe emerges and lives thanks to its smaller details, its little shops, its urban furniture and, of course, thanks to its countless streets and its postcard views, to be crossed with full beer or to be enjoyed with the right calm, perhaps with the help of the usual, excellent photographic mode.

To make the most of the vastness of the map and the different categories of competition, in fact, the progression of Forza Horizon 2 is entrusted to the Grand Tours, the "compilations" of three events to be tackled on the road: choosing your car you start towards the destination city, to play four races designed specifically to showcase the different characteristics of the cars and the great variety of the game's territories, in order to fully enjoy every different corner of the map by all means and in all conditions.

Whether it's a heavy SUV struggling with a Climbing race on top of a slope, or a Huayra that takes a curve at 250 kilometers per hour in the pouring rain, even pad in hand we will have the right pulse of the situation, and it will therefore be necessary think in advance of your moves to always get the best in all circumstances. Considering also that Horizon 2 certainly does not forget its arcade nature that I mentioned earlier. As it should be, such a "young" game - and, let's say it, "tamarro" in the most positive and pleasant sense of the term - can only pay some attention also to the style and the way in which the curves are tackled and you live the countless ways of the game. Especially considering that it is no longer a matter of showing off for its own sake.