Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels - Review

Author: Javier Artero
Date: 2020-07-30 22:06:41
We already have with us the new expansion of Forza Horizon 3 which, on this occasion, is based on the popular toy cars of Hot Wheels and Mattel. Although calm, we are not going to drive miniature cars, but real cars based on said license through incredible tracks, full of loopings, curls, corkscrews, impossible curves, jumps and rings of fire. Are you ready to visit the most fun and original map of Forza Horizon?

There is no doubt that the guys at Playground Games know how to make a good expansion. In fact, both this Hot Wheels and the previous DLC, Blizzard Mountain , should be a reference for the rest of the companies that want to launch an expansion. Hot Wheels is integrated into Forza Horizon 3 as a new map that we can visit at all times and that surprises with its great extension. Inside, we will find a game in itself, with a lot of tests and events (point-to-point races, laps, ...) as well as all the collectibles and other elements that were already in the base game: radars, tournaments, experience posters , a new abandoned car ... Oh, and also 10 new cars to add to our garage.

The most interesting of all are the new orange roads that we are going to find. Vibrant sections full of loopings, slopes, sprint zones, ramps, impossible jumps and even mechanical dinosaurs that will appear during races. All this to offer us the craziest, funniest and fastest races of the Horizon festival. The progression system changes from the base game and is based on what we could already see at Blizzard Mountain . Here, each event will have three associated medals that will be unlocked according to the result of the race: one for finishing it, another for being first and the last - and most difficult - that will be awarded to us for fulfilling some secondary objective within it (reaching X km / h, improve a certain time, etc.). As we get medals we will be opening new tests and more displacement events and so on, until we reach the grand final.

Of course, there is no shortage of options that we already know, such as the possibility of playing with friends, multiplayer races or even creating our own events within the island. The control responds as well as ever, although now we must bear in mind that it is no longer useful to go cross country and we will always have to travel the winding new tracks that this Hot Wheels includes . Another novelty is the possibility of falling off the road on some steep curves, losing valuable seconds until the car is positioned again if we play without using the rewind mode. Otherwise, it's still as fun as ever, and while it's more arcade than ever, it maintains the driving style of the franchise without straying too far beyond the spectacular and fast-paced pace of the new layouts. The duration of the DLC is considerable, shorter if we focus only on the events of "history", but much longer if we want to get all the secrets hidden in this new area.

Visually and starting from the base of Forza Horizon 3 you can already get an idea of what we are going to find. A true delight for the eyes, offering the possibility of playing with the expansion or basic game cars, and incorporating a new graphically impeccable play area, full of ramps and circuits whose color and situation cannot be better. A truly outstanding game in this regard. Incredible modeling, an amazing level of detail, and rock stable at all times. There are also day / night cycles that, although they do not make any changes regarding the control of the cars, they are frankly attractive.