Forza Horizon 4 - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-03-03 01:47:40
This year plays festival, this year plays Forza Horizon 4. Playground Games continues with the wake of its driving in the open world, evolving with each installment of this series, and also learning from the main series, Forza Motorsport, but without being afraid to overcome it . Fans of car games are in luck, because we already confirm that the game at hand is up to what we all expected. They have done it again.

Reducing some revolutions to explain how we have reached this conclusion, the first thing to keep in mind is that Forza Horizon 4 is, once again, an evolution of the success formula of the newly acquired developer by Microsoft. That is, we are facing a game with a realistic tone at all levels, and with a driving style that aims to be close to our real experience, but that deviates a minimum towards the arcade, by facilitating the exploration of the game world and enjoy its many possibilities. Nothing new in this regard, so you can imagine that the driving configuration options are deep - as usual in the Forza series - and allow us to enjoy Forza Horizon 4 as we want.

This 'as we want' that we are talking about touches many levels, not only the level of realism and driving aids, but also the way we want to face the challenge of succeeding in the festival that is each Forza Horizon. We have total freedom to move through this peculiar version of Great Britain, being able to explore forests, open fields, rural roads, city streets, roads or highways, with no more limitation than the top of the accelerator of our car. But we can also choose how we want to play at almost every moment: alone, in cooperative, against other players, against rival 'ghosts' ... It is possible to adapt events to our preferences (something that could already be done in Forza Horizon 3 ), so as not to have to separate from our Subaru, if it is not what we want. The adaptability of the Playground Games game is maximum .

And that Forza Horizon 4 does not start as 'open' as it later ends up being. The first 4-5 hours of play are quite directed, so that we learn without stress all that this world can give of itself. That is, there will be few open tests, a few special events and the possibilities are somewhat more limited. However, after the first year of the game, the real Forza Horizon 4 begins, with lots of tests available, unique temporary events and much more. What has to happen for that year to happen? That we gain enough influence to pass the seasons of the year.

In this last sentence there are two details to explain: influence and seasons. The latter is perhaps the most important change of Forza Horizon 4 with respect to its predecessors. In the Playground Games game, each season is unique and modifies the entire map, making everything covered with snow, it rains much more, the sun shines ... Vegetation, roads and other elements of the game are affected completely changing the map and the way of driving in each case. In Spring, for example, heavy rains will form puddles dynamically, while in winter rivers and lakes freeze, opening new ways to explore the map. That is, the seasons are much more than mere visual makeup , and we love that.

On the other hand there is the influence, that is, the 'experience points' that will allow us to level up to unlock new skills of our car - because this time the skill tree is typical of each vehicle in our garage -. They will also allow us to unlock cosmetic elements for our character - since we have an avatar that we can dress to our liking - and horns of all kinds, with references to other Xbox games included. Of course, there are again slot roulette prizes, this time in two 'flavors', so that we try our luck with each level up, to see if we have a small fortune or free cars.