Review of the game Forza Horizon 4 - this is how you win the battle of England

Author: DM
Date: 2018-09-25 04:01:00
The review was based on the PC version. Also applies to the XONE version

Great Britain in Forzy Horizon 4 is so nice and atmospheric that I felt guilty, involuntarily demolishing various walls or road signs by car. It is thanks to the wonderful landscapes that you get the impression that it is a production with a zen element, offering such calm and relaxing gameplay while driving ahead - of course, in addition to racing competition and many breathtaking moments. Forza Horizon 4 remains the perfect game model, successfully combining the exploration of the open world, collecting hundreds of cars, the excitement of fighting for the first position and various ways of having fun together on the web. If this is your first contact with the Horizon series - this title undoubtedly deserves to be smoked!

However, it is very important how familiar we are with this racing brand. In the fourth part, unfortunately, it is already clear that this is really a new map for the "three" in the colors of the four seasons. The number of copy-paste elements turns out to be huge, and only a small British drizzle has fallen from the big cloud of announced new products. The possibility of buying houses or performing various professions is disappointing - basically these are already known activities, but under a different name. Forza Horizon adopted the habit of reluctant change after the Motorsport cycle . This is a great game, but not a satisfying sequel.

A month with four seasons

We also feel the British atmosphere of the new Fora while indulging in subsequent activities that slowly appear on the Horizon festival map with truly English phlegm. We basically have to go through the prologue twice - once in the fast racing known from the demo version for four seasons, and then again, but laboriously collecting the necessary impact points - which, together with exploring the new map, can take hours. Even a little noticeable monotony can be felt and raises the question of whether this is all that Forza Horizon 4 has to offer, but fortunately after passing the whole year, the game finally opens to us in all its glory.

As the new season begins, new competitions begin and new game modes become available, in the style of 1 mile drag races, drift and online Forzathon events and other variants of online fun. Some of them are only available seasonally and we will finish them only during the current season. In general, however, there is no reason to hurry, because each such season lasts a week of real time, but on the other hand - if someone does not like someone, say, winter locations, - wanting or not wanting - will be "condemned" to them for these few days . The mechanics change radically, because first (in the prologue) we decide on the speed of the arrival of the next season of the year, and then it is already imposed on us. However, this is the price for a "living" world full of other players, because the "always online" mode has become the default in this installment .

Horizon Life

At first glance, the Horizon Life mode is not much different from the Horizon Solo option. The gameplay is as comfortable as it is alone and there is no group of trolls spoiling other fun. With around 30 players on the server, a car with an unknown nickname will occasionally flash somewhere, which in the near distance will change into a ghost to pass without a crash. All activities on the map have been enriched by the possibility of including them in cooperation against a group of SI cars or only in PvP mode , where each vehicle is a different player. We can also quickly invite people to join us in a convoy, and a large group will be useful even during Forzathon network events.

In addition to daily and weekly challenges, there was something like a public event from MMOs. When a huge Forzathon blimp appears on the map, it means that a series of challenges will begin in a moment, divided into several rounds. Within a few minutes we have to fill the point or speed bar by repeating jumps from the ramp or checking the speed on a speed camera. We have no chance to make it alone, so the more players, the better, and the view of a group of cars converting every now and then over a short section of the road enriches the usual exploration with a lot of fun. It is worth collecting points for all Forzathon challenges, because they are the currency in the new game store with unique cosmetic elements and cars. Activities on the main map have also become dedicated PvP modes, such as playing the king, the infected or a car variation on the capture the flag.

Change to winter tires without queues

Regardless of whether we play solo or in a group - the biggest novelty will be the map of Great Britain, which impresses at any time of the year and in any weather. Impressive is not only the extensive open air during fast driving, but also the details of objects, wherever we stop. Country houses look picturesque like a postcard, and on the boards in front of pubs you can read the entire menu with a range of sandwiches. The area may not impress with its size or far from the standard of Ubisoft titles, but it makes up for it with the quality of workmanship and variety of landscapes - from forests and fields, through villages, the coast, field airport, highway, historic attractions, to Edinburgh and the harsh hills of Scotland, which the game is definitely too little.

Cars are bought here at F

However, if you turn a blind eye to this lack of somewhat more revolutionary changes, Forza Horizon 4 defends itself with many perfect elements that the car fans liked very much, leaving behind competition in the form of The Crew or NFS . Show races, in which we compete with some unique vehicle in the form of a train or a jet, are still making a huge impression with their scripts and it is probably mainly for them that we count a number of sprints and ordinary laps along the way. Forza is also a guarantee of a refined driving model that remains extremely affordable both when controlling the pad and the steering wheel, and at the same time does not resemble driving with a sliding soap bar.

The list of available cars may seem slightly disappointing. This is still a considerable number of over 400 cars, with unique representatives of British technical thought, but many brands seem to be represented a bit too symbolically, with a flood of various cars from Ford and Ferrari stables . Surprisingly, the complete lack of Rolls-Royce models, which were in recent editions, and here they are asking for a presence around British possessions on the map. It is also worth mentally preparing for the prize draw for the next level, because in addition to virtual currency and cars, such gains as white ballerina or a pink jacket for our avatar are waiting for us . Every petrolhead will probably break down a little when instead of the Pontiac GTO he will fall out of brocade leggings, but for younger players a virtual driver may be an additional attraction.