Forza Motorsport 6 - Review

Author: Felice Di Giuseppe
Date: 2021-01-26 12:34:12
2015 marks the 10th anniversary of Forza, an automotive series that over the years has carved out a special place in the hearts of passionate four-wheel gamers. And if there's one thing you can't deny the guys at Turn 10 Studios, well, that's the spirit in which they proudly develop and present each chapter of the Xbox exclusive: Forza is a car game created by people who he lives perpetually with the wheel in his hands and creates video games to satisfy palates as demanding as theirs. An ambition that is continually renewed and that just three years ago set foot in the most colorful shores of Forza Horizon, the arcade conjugation of the franchise that last September gave us the most beautiful racing game currently on the market, probably one of the most beautiful that the history of video games memories.

This year, however, it is up to Forza Motorsport 6, a simulation that continues with sails leveled towards perfection without putting aside its exquisitely scalable soul. It is the prerogative of the series by Dan Greenawalt and associates, in fact, to make the highly realistic gameplay accessible to any type of player: not only the difficulty of the revolutionary artificial intelligence, but all aspects of the game can be balanced to bring the experience closer or further away. more complex racing simulators.

A factor, the latter, which also paves the way for the use of the controller, an integral part of the console ecosystem that Forza does not reject and, indeed, with Xbox One even manages to enhance. It will not be like having an ultra-professional steering wheel station, but playing by holding the pad of the Microsoft console returns a feeling that must necessarily be rewarded: thanks to the vibration of the triggers, which, for example, are able to reproduce the passage of the wheels on the curbs or the intensity of braking, the dive literally skyrockets.

But what's new, this Forza Motorsport 6? First of all, there is a decidedly richer offer in terms of content than its predecessors. The developers have in fact started from the half misstep of Forza Motorsport 5 to propose the beauty of 460 Forzavista cars, or vehicles reproduced in detail to be observed closely thanks to the special mode, and 26 locations for a total of clearly marked tracks. higher than in previous chapters. Then there are two new features taken with conviction by Forza Horizon 2 and ferried very well in circuit racing: races in the rain and at night.

Both conditions have a different influence on the progress of the race, going to package, as one might expect from the franchise, an even more realistic simulation than in the past. It is in particular the stormy runs in the wet that give back a sensation of tangible instability with extended braking and risky aquaplaning phenomena. In these phases you notice even more the realism and meticulous attention to details that have always been inherent in Turn 10 and enhanced by the new ForzaTech engine: the circuits are digitized with a special laser technique and you should therefore not be surprised if, taking a curve of the mythological Spa-Francorchamps, you will find yourself in furious off the track for a puddle positioned just like in the more tense Sunday Grand Prix. Equally dangerous, and perhaps even more spectacular, are the events at night: the thrill returned by poor visibility and the exceptional play of light guarantee that extra bit of emotion and fun that, let's face it, was missing a little in Forza Motorsport.

To all this must obviously be added the whole series of splendid words that have long been spent on the driving system, the engine that supports collisions and the physics of the game. In Forza Motorsport 6 the situation is even improved from the point of view of feeling, which is even more devoted to realism with a series of not bad tricks: during my test the grip of the wheels on the asphalt, the heaviness of the vehicles, the feeling of slope and the reactions of the suspensions created situations much closer to reality than I remembered. A factor to be taken into account especially for those who appreciate the more simulative side of Forza and entertain themselves with hours of precise overtaking and sinuous blows on the brake lever.

There are the simpler single races, but the main focus of Forza Motorsport 6 is the long-running and massive Career mode. With more than seventy hours of guaranteed gameplay, Turn 10 Studios' racing career is designed to take the player on a journey to discover the history of motor racing. We advance by category reaching the apex of the disciplines, interspersing the classic phases with events in succession to the Exhibitions, special races with new challenges, historical rivalries or famous cars. The latter is also an introduction derived from Forza Horizon and which, I must admit, I appreciated very much because it does so much to diversify a mode that over time could be tedious and monotonous even for the most patient of pilots.

This is where, to be clear, the nice races against The Stig of Top Gear will take place or you will face a demanding Endurance in Le Mans to give a decisive turn to the fun factor, which in this chapter therefore does not come exclusively from the satisfaction returned by the simulation driving system, but also to a greater extent by the glitz of the races. Climbing the rankings you will obviously level up (when you will find yourself extracting random gifts, in a sort of “Wheel of Fortune” called Tire), earning enough money to allow you to access new cars and modifications.