Forza Motorsport 6 review - night, rain and card shuffling

Author: DM
Date: 2015-09-08 15:49:00
The review was based on the XONE version.

It is difficult to say if there are any fans of German motorization in the Turn 10 team, but someone must have a special fondness for the Volkswagen Golf or Porsche 911. Just like in the case of these two models - subsequent versions of the Forza Motorsport console racing simulator are reminiscent of the previous ones, and any changes and novelties are either deeply camouflaged or introduced very slowly and in small doses. Of course, this makes some sense - it is not worth changing something that is good. On the other hand, if the company has only one title for so long, then after so many years you can expect almost perfect production. In the case of Forza it is exactly 10 years, ie a small jubilee, and the sixth part of the series published on this occasion is advertised as the "biggest" so far and finally offers some important novelties. Considering the rather cool reception of the previous installment due to the limited content and burdensome microtransactions, making a better game was not a particularly difficult task, and the developers actually managed to do so. Forza 6 is after all Forza , what should be the "five" immediately, Forza worth the premiere of the new generation of the Xbox. However, is it a perfect game? Unfortunately, not quite yet ...

The first impression does not differ from what always accompanies us when launching the next game in this series - it is basically the predecessor, but a bit more "smoothed" and expanded. Common features can be seen not only in navigating the options screens, but also in the possibility of using the car body paint patterns that we made in Forzy 5 and Forzy Horizon 2, or in the set of the same tracks from FM 5 . Fortunately, in addition to many similarities, we will also immediately notice changes for the better - the main menu is a bit more organized and transparent, and the car browser has a small improvement . Finally, we don't have to scroll through several hundred items to watch Volvo or TVR, because models have finally become a subcategory of brands. While admiring 460 incredibly beautifully crafted cars in Forzavista mode, the ability to change the background of our garage, known from the fourth part, has returned, although so far we have only two decors available.

The economic system in the game has improved significantly . Although this does not mean resignation from the monthly offers of a package of new cars or the salary fee for the season pass or VIP status, the tokens for buying cars purchased with real money have been abandoned. After finishing the race on the appropriate difficulty level, we get quite a lot of money, but our main source of income is gift draws after each promotion to a new driver level. The system was there before, but now the game has gotten quite generous in that regard. After just one day of playing, I had such gems as Bugatti Veyron or La Ferrari in my garage, and over 2 million credits on my account. With a bit of luck, the main thread of the career can be progressed, largely relying almost entirely on the cars you have drawn or already owned.

An important injection of cash are also the so-called Forza Rewards, i.e. monthly rewards that we can receive by logging in on the official website of the game. In Forzy 6 , we will still find links to the cult TV show Top Gear - there is a test track in Dunsfold, there are challenges to Stig's "digital" cousin, but the cessation of broadcasting the popular show probably also had an impact on the game itself. Jeremy Clarkson was missing (someone completely unknown presents the Stig with the classic "some say"!), And the comments of the other two, Hammond and May, are devoid of witty comparisons and reciprocal jokes that ran through the entire five. It's a trifle, but the atmosphere of the game has changed a bit.

One of the announced novelties was to be a completely revamped career mode based on the history of motorsport. I don't know if the word "rebuilt" is the most appropriate here, because nothing more has been done with the current system of different leagues and car classes, but a little tidying up everything and adding sophisticated names , such as "Winding Roads Tournament". The whole thing has actually become more readable and transparent, and the division used efficiently and interestingly leads through subsequent races from ordinary compacts to the fastest Le Mans prototypes or open-wheel cars. The biggest difference is putting all the special events like driving between stakes, bowling, overtaking etc in a separate category, which in my opinion turns out to be a minor drawback to the new career. We gain access to almost all of these activities almost immediately - so we don't have the feeling that we've been rewarded for our progress in the game, or a random breath of freshness and variety in making circles on the track. It only depends on us when we want to take part in a more original event - some may enjoy such freedom, but I preferred the previous system, in which the next race could sometimes surprise with something completely different.

When racing at night, we actually feel colder asphalt and reduced tire grip, and racing in the rain introduces, for the first time in the history of car games, the presence of puddles on the track! In other games, rainfall was treated on a macro scale - you have to choose the right tire replacement strategy, etc. In Forza 6 we have it on a micro scale: in addition to, of course, less grip and effectiveness of brakes, our main concern is the areas of residual water here and there! Driving into something like this offers a fairly authentic experience - from the sound we hear from inside the fender, to the behavior of the car, which can noticeably lose pace, drop a little or eventually fly off the track. All this means that during rain we not only carefully observe the opponents and braking points, but also the entire surface of the asphalt in front of us, where only a wet route is realistically intertwined with even flooded road edges or depressions. Sometimes it's better to get off the perfect line and avoid the puddle than to risk aquaplaning. Such an effect of three-dimensional puddles was probably impossible to achieve with the dynamic weather we saw in Forza Horizon 2 , so creating separate versions of the wet and dry track seems justified in this case. Let's also take into account that racing at Forzy Motorsport is a fast-paced game, which usually lasts from 5 to 12 minutes and a change of weather at such a time would be a bit bizarre, on the other hand, we also have a series of long-distance races over an hour, and there the dynamic aura would be useful. Graphically, rain looks slightly worse than the competition, but there are no noticeable drops in the animation display speed.