Forza Motorsport 7 review - great chop, only reheated

Author: DM
Date: 2017-10-02 15:35:00
The review was based on the PC version. Also valid for the XONE version

Porsche 911 GT2 RS! The authors from the Turn 10 studio could not have chosen a better car for the cover of the box, and also a showcase of their new, seventh, installment of the Forza Motorsport series. Already on the occasion of the review of the sixth part, I used this comparison, because looking at the next generations of the nine hundred and eleven, we notice only minor differences in its appearance, as if you were afraid to spoil the perfection once achieved. The Forza Motorsport cycle is exactly like this Porsche model - for many editions practically nothing has changed in it, and each part turns out to be identical to the previous one. At first glance, the "Seven" seems to be just Forza 6 , with a differently drawn tachometer during races and pictures on the menu, and the new products introduced are not what we would like to see in this series.

Paradoxically, however, this does not mean that the entire game is weak. It's still a great and content-rich racing game that shines over the competition. Only Xbox veterans can start overeating a bit, but let's not forget that Forza Motorsport 7 is starting on PCs for the first time this year, and this means a group of completely new recipients. For many of them, the "seven" will be an absolute hit, much better than F1 2017 , Need for Speed: Payback , Project CARS 2 and other titles, because such a game has simply not been on the tin for many years. Forza 7 finally fulfills the dreams of everyone who has always wanted the Gran Turismo series or just to see Forza on personal computers.

For these reasons, it is difficult to look at Forza Motorsport 7 only from one side, because it is a different game for a computer novice and another for someone who waits every year to play one of the best Microsoft exclusives on the Xbox . I would not be very honest if I did not include both points of view in this review, which means that now is the time for the opinion of a PC-tame racing player. Some say that to operate his smartphone - with Windows of course - he always uses a mouse and keyboard, and he has connected as many as four graphics cards to the computer to be able to say without a shadow of a doubt that he plays in 4K. All we really know about him is that they call him Stig's PC cousin!

A car paradise

Car fans are spoiled for choice this year with a large number of titles, but Forza 7 has the chance to convince the largest group of fans. In Dirt 4 and WRC 7 you must love rallies, in Project CARS 2 and F1 2017 races of specific groups of vehicles with all their surroundings and strict sports regulations, and Need for Speed: Payback will attract action fans straight from sensational films, but in Forzy Motorsport 7 just… love cars! Short and simplified in terms of rules, the competition is just an addition here, to somehow get more vehicles to your collection, personalize them and finally admire in the detailed presentation mode of Forzavista .

The career of a lonely player is designed so that every now and then we end up behind the wheel of a completely different type of car, while having some freedom of choice. We can start with an ordinary Honda Civic, then race in American muscle cars, and then in hot hatch cars from the 80s and NASCAR cars. The routine of spinning in circles is diversified by small side jumps, like a Ford duel with Ken Block, driving through goals or playing bowling in a huge Cadillac limousine. The cars are the main characters of the Forza series, and only here, among 700 (!) Vehicles, we can find models such as "regular" Renault Clio, luxurious Rolls Royce Wraith, Alfa Romeo car from the 1930s and Plymouth Fury 1958, i.e. the famous Christine from Stephen's novel King.

highway to Heaven

The long enough career mode is just the beginning. While browsing through the menu, you'll find a creator of your own races, of course, plus drift competitions, 1/4 mile drag races (which are finally also available outside of multiplayer mode), online leagues, car auction house, and - note - the ability to play on a split screen , but unfortunately only in the console version. All this is provided with excellent graphics and good optimization on PCs (in the full version I did not experience the jams that often occurred in the demo), which means that with such content and diversity of the discussed game, other titles this year are a bit poor and a bit more boring. They are great in their narrow range of playing specific sports disciplines, but Forza Motorsport 7 is more interesting for the "ordinary" player and for every car fan.

Everyone - provided that he has not played the previous versions of Forzy , which leads us to slightly different observations of a player familiar with the console version. Some say he always wears green (not just on St. Patrick's Day), and Dark Souls 3 has made it through only using Kinect. All we really know about him is that they call him Stig's Xbox cousin!

Road to hell

Forza Motorsport 7 on the Xbox One has all the advantages mentioned above, but as a veteran of the series I felt a bit too much "material fatigue". It's really the same game , the same routes in the Bernese Alps and Prague, the same special events for many years. It's still a similar set of cars to earn and the exact same career mode, just under a different name. Every two years, the authors only seem to change the appearance of the main menu and HUD during the race. They randomly throw away a route, a few brands of vehicles, adding a little different from the previous parts to ignore it, and a traditionally new, fictional track, based on a country, and that's it - another Forza Motorsport is ready! The pace of changes is definitely too slow, and those actually introduced in this installment are not good. Examples?

Fast track sharing

In addition to this contrasting juxtaposition of the main advantages and disadvantages, there are of course other issues, regardless of the platform on which we play. It is worth mentioning here that Forza 7 simply looks phenomenal on both the Xbox and the PC , and I think I like it even a bit more than the CARS 2 Project I praised recently. The effect of fog and reduced visibility in the rain looks much better, the objects on the track have much more details, and thanks to the presence of Forzavista, the cockpits are refined in every detail. Project CARS 2 definitely wins in terms of sound. The engines in the Forzy 7 sound good, but not as detailed and differentiated as the competitor.

A few online races can quickly discourage us from competing with random players, because there are a lot of collisions and entries "from behind" here, so the so-called artificial intelligence plays an even more important role. drivatars. Driving with computer opponents brings a generally positive impression, but you also have to be prepared for numerous "nudges" when other vehicles try to stick to their line at all costs or attack us. Races in Forza 7 are more contact than in the "six", although you can also see a familiar, not very natural script, when the cars always turn off the road in the same way.

Such mistakes often happen to us, because although driving physics belongs to the simcade category, i.e. simulations with arcade elements, this combination has been mastered to perfection in Forzy Motorsport . Driving after turning off all the assist is still possible and does not mean a constant fight with the car, while even with ABS and traction control stronger cars can get out of control if we make a mistake. In old Formula 1 cars without aerodynamics, you can feel this light "swimming" on the track, so characteristic of old hardcore simulators, and in Alfa from the 1930s, where we sit at the very end of a long "cigar", you can clearly see the delay with which they turn wheels well ahead!