Gears 5 review - the modes in the machine snap into place

Author: Przemysław Zamęcki
Date: 2019-09-09 15:12:00
The review was based on the XONE version. Also applies to the PC version

Marcus Fenix is a legend soldier who tried to save the campaign in Gears of War 4 . It was only thanks to his presence that for most of the fun it was possible to withstand the lousy jokes of his son JD and Co.. I don't know what the creators of The Coalition were thinking when creating heroes so thin compared to the veterans from the first trilogy , but I know that they drew the right conclusions from that slip-up, because Gears 5 is a step in the right direction. The same characters finally took on such a character that even the absence of Marcus for the vast majority of the game does not completely prevent you from reaching the true state of Zen.

The nightmare continues

Although the word war fell out of the official title of the game, the conflict with the so-called The locusts are in full swing. Chrysalises, guided by the will of their queen, have spread throughout the planet, and regular battles are fought in the cities. Humanity's victory can only be ensured by restarting the Hammer of Dawn, a powerful energy weapon placed in orbit. This is the main axis of the new Gears campaign, right next to the attempt to unravel the mysteries of Kait and her mother's origins.

If Gears 5 is your first attempt at the series, I would definitely recommend pausing for a while and finishing at least Part 4 first. The plots of both of these productions are closely related, and the "five" begins right after the end of the previous installment of the series. Although the creators consciously placed two videos on the menu, presenting what happened in both Gears of War 4 and other games in the series, but there is nothing like an organoleptic, personal experience. The more so that even in the Xbox version, this title can be bought literally for pennies.

It's hard to expect a heart-warming, fascinating story in an ordinary shooter in which the most important element is just pressing the trigger. However, I can say about the story in the game that it is satisfying. Quite simple, soldierly, and at the same time mysterious enough to delve into it with pleasure. At the end of the game, there is even a moral choice that the creators will have to deal with in part six. And this one will come out for sure, because the story ends with a light cliffhanger.

Huge, empty locations

In the campaign, playing alone, we play the role of two characters. In the first act it is JD, son of Marcus Fenix and the main character of the previous part. In the second act, Kait takes over the baton (right to the end). From that moment on, the series' approach to the gameplay is also changing. However, I do not mean the mechanics of clashes with opponents. Gears 5 is the same cover shooter as the other installments of the series , but there are large, open locations where we travel in a sailing sleigh.

On the one hand, it is definitely some variety of fun and overcoming the limitations associated with the corridor gameplay. On the other hand, there is unused potential and an idea, which basically boils down to the fact that now we have to "add" to some place, before we start the traditional destruction of it. I emphasize that the destruction in a fantastic way, but it seems to me that just moving around these quasi-open locations could be made more interesting , more interactive.

Hit the road Jack

In fact, the biggest change to the game is making the robot levitating around the team more than a porter. Because until now, this was mainly our mechanical companion. Now, however, we can teach him some useful tricks, starting from retrieving weapons scattered around locations, through the ability to temporarily mask the entire squad, to the ability to build a barrier that reflects incoming lead. The gradual improvement of Jack has a significant impact on the quality of the game and it is not just an unnecessary addition to be used in several scripted places.

The increasingly powerful Jack is a full-fledged member of the squad. What's more, in the case of a cooperative game, one of the players can play the role of a robot, penetrating the battlefield from a completely new perspective . The development of the device's skills takes place in a system of several simple technology trees, filled with components found in the world presented. A very cool and well-implemented idea.

Caught in the net

The online modes in all Gearsach are in a class of their own and in the "five" nothing has changed in this respect. The ability to complete the campaign on several difficulty levels with three friends is a great thing. Although during my game, for some reason, the console lost connection with Xbox Live a few times, which would probably stop the great fun, let's hope that the developers will eliminate this problem in the next patch.

The game, apart from the already well-known from the previous parts of the horde mode, received another variant of the PvE struggle called "The Escape". Specifically, it is about escaping from the inside of the swarm, in which ... it is swarming with all kinds of unwholesome people. Everything has been designed in such a way that the players are constantly plagued by a shortage of ammunition and that for a large part of the time they literally throw their fists at all the freaks. And this is only the lowest degree of difficulty. In the case of subsequent monsters, they become more and more resistant, and we are subject to further restrictions. Of course, as always in such situations, it is worth relying on proven friends to be able to get as much fun as possible and share failures together. Checkpoints are rarely deployed, so be warned as well.

There are also well-known deathmatch modes that provide amazing experiences for many months, if not years, to come. However, I was a bit consterned by all this wealth, because I found it not entirely clear to unlock various elements. One of the obvious ways are microtransactions, allowing you to buy cosmetic trinkets, such as new armor, country flags, weapon skins, gestures or blood splatter, but also to buy a real money boost to experience gained in duels. It is also possible to use the local currency, i.e. iron, which requires spending many hours in the game or taking shortcuts and spending real cash. The third way to obtain new skills, cards, and items is through Supply Drop. We receive this from the machine when logging in to the service and for the time spent playing.