Gears of War 2 - game review

Date: 2008-11-03 07:22:00
The review was based on the X360 version.

The first part of Gears of War was one of the best action games for Microsoft consoles. If not the best. To date, it is at the forefront of the most-started production and so far crowds of people are fighting in it fierce battles through the Xbox Live service. It cannot be hidden that the bar has risen very high. Therefore, doubts as to whether the second part will meet the challenge and not be the proverbial reheated cutlet are most appropriate.

Cliffy - a producer from Epic - has repeatedly stated in interviews that he does not want to create a completely new quality. He plans to improve what was in the first part and give players another dose of solid action. No revolution. Simply: better, more, nicer. And you know what? Epic again shows how to create the best console action game. Forget about the first part of Gears of War . The second part crushes, crushes, chews and spits out his older brother into the nearest trash can. The next king of Xbox Live rankings has arrived.

There won't be much about the story. Because Gearsy is a game where the plot goes far away and - let's be honest - it might not be at all. The Epic crew decided, however, to take the hoe to the sun and from the production with virtually no plot ( Gears of War 1 ) to the title, which introduces some drama ( Gears of War 2 ).

The whole story is based on a desperate attack of soldiers into the heart of the Locust habitats. Monsters have mastered most cities and humanity is threatened with destruction. According to the immortal saying, "the best defense is an attack," Marcus and his selection squad embark on a suicide mission. Locust cooks a warm welcome to the soldiers and casts all his strength against them.

In the meantime, Dominica Santiago's wife disappears, who begins her own crusade and plans to find her beloved woman. Of course, Dominic's private interests conflict with patriotic motives that guide Marcus. The producer tried to show Dominic a slight mental breakdown during the game, but he did not quite succeed. Powerful fibroids holding a giant weapon look a little funny when they give dramatic and tearful issues. Let's face it - Dominic and Marcus are great at crushing skulls rather than conducting philosophical debates.

Of course, hardly anyone playing Gearsy will follow the story with great suspense. Action counts here. And only action.

Gears of War 2 is a powerful game. A game whose first missions are extremely effective, and then it's only better. I have not seen for a long time (whether on a PC or on consoles) such intensity of action, such a condensation of violent events and such spectacular, bloody and meaty gameplay.

The game from the first minutes attracts like a magnet and does not allow you to leave the screen until the very end. Here is everything that we liked in the first part (but presented much, much better) and many things that give the game incredible spiciness. Gears of War 2 is an example of how to make an extremely effective game from a very effective game.

All missions seemingly rely on the same all the time, i.e. shooting and killing, but more than one action movie can envy the second part of the Gears way of presenting the whole story. The producer gives us no respite: the war is on all the time, Locust throws armies of the largest monsters against us, and the scale of events includes huge cities, powerful spaces, underground lakes, a network of Locust corridors and snow-covered mountains.

Every single mission and every chapter has something to offer. There are no unnecessary and boring "supplements", no unnecessary tasks, no tedious circulation and senseless killing of opponents. Despite the general chaos, everything is well thought out. Going through Gears of War 2 is like a crazy rollercoaster ride that rushes down all the time and gathers speed.

The overall effectiveness of the mission is not only affected by a great way of presenting them and a suggestive demonstration of the "fight for everything." New opponents and new types of weapons also add adrenaline and thrill. You can see that Epic in its latest position focused on the enormity and monumentality. Surely you remember the powerful Boomers from the first part of the game. The monsters were extremely resistant to bullets and equipped with rocket launchers. In Gears of War 2 we meet more great monsters. Of course, the boomers are back, and next to them are monsters with heavy machine guns, flamethrowers and even maces suspended on chains. There are also very fast monsters that try to tear us apart with their hands.

Each of these great monsters requires a slightly different approach and makes the fight automatically much more exciting. Fortunately, during the game we get the right weapon to deal with massive enemy attacks. There is no flamethrower or powerful mortar. In addition, we can cover ourselves with special shields and take enemies as hostages and treat them as mobile bulletproof vests.

Two more elements of gameplay mechanics additionally heat up the hot atmosphere. Physics implemented in the game world and the possibility of slight destruction of the environment. Although they appear in - let's call it - residual form, they can be seen enough to make the fight even better and even more suggestive.

Physics boils down to the fact that monsters and some elements of the environment react to our shots. When we hurt Locust sideways, we see that the guy bends slightly in the shot direction. When we load a series into the desk, it happens that several things fall from it. In the case of Locusts, physics makes the game a little easier, but also shooting monsters is more fun. In the case of elements of the environment, physics adds spice to the fight. Similarly, with the destruction of the game world. Sometimes plaster falls off the walls, parts of the wall fall apart, and some boards fall apart. These things do not have much impact on the gameplay, but - like physics - they add emotion to the fight itself.

The game looks clearly better than the first part. Unfortunately, this may not necessarily be seen on trailers and shows that can be found on the internet. The better look of the game is primarily affected by much more refined lighting. The shades of gray typical for the first part were abandoned and the decision was made to introduce places not so much more optimistic as more vivid colors. The game is simply more colorful (not to be confused with a fairy tale) than the first part. Textures have also been developed that now have more detail.

Finally, we managed to create a much nicer production than the previous one. Regardless of whether we wander through the brightly lit, snowy mountains or through the dusk filled Locust caves. There is always something to hang your eye on, and some locations are really lovely.

Just like in the first part, here too, when we get bored of lonely fun, we can invite a friend to her and destroy Locusts in cooperation mode. In Gears of War 2, you'll also find a great Horde mode. Together with five friends we will face another wave of Locusts. Each wave is getting harder and more and more monsters are attacking poor players. When we defeat all the monsters in a given round, the party starts over and over again until we finish the last, 50 wave. Fun in the horde mode is really great and - most importantly - requires a harmonious team.

Gears of War 2 is a production that shows what action games should look like these days. A real, explosive mix. In fact, the game has no bugs or serious flaws. The only things you can attach to are a bit of dramatic threads woven into the plot and not too long campaign - most people will finish it in about 10 hours. However, you can be sure that these will be some of the most exciting hours you've spent with any action game.

Marcin "Del" Łukkowski