Gears of War 4 - Recensione

Author: Marco Mottura
Date: 2020-07-31 08:24:12
A feeling of incredible familiarity distinguishes Gears of War 4 on several levels, the last chapter of the successful saga born in 2006 from the fantasy of Cliff Bleszinski (but also and above all the first developed by The Coalition, a new Canadian studio that collected the legacy of Epic Games, after the purchase of the IP by Microsoft). A sensation that is undoubtedly pleasant, a bit reminiscent of the effect of when you return to the old room where you grew up, at your parents' house: just a moment and you immediately feel at home, you look around and a lot of sweets emerge remember and underneath it is as if time has never passed. Even if, undeniably, the things to look at them are no longer exactly what they used to be, or perhaps, beyond the veil of nostalgic melancholy, it is only we who have changed and are no longer the same as before.

Gears of War 4 does exactly that effect, and in all likelihood is keen to do it, at least considering the attitude of reverential respect for the original material with which the Vancouver-based team has landed on the tormented planet Sera to tell its version of the events of a new generation of COG soldiers. It only takes a few moments to realize that in terms of plot, twenty five years have passed since the events of the third chapter - with the young JD Fenix taking the place of the old father Marcus and the terrible Locusts reduced to little more than a scary memory - but that controller in hand you are faced with the same, delicious Gears ever. Which, let's face it, can be seen as a limit in some respects, but also as a blessing for many others.

The key, however, lies in the way, in my opinion at times quite surprising, with which The Coalition has been able to approach Gears: of course, as had already been understood in recent months, from their comfort zone Rod Fergusson & Company have reduced practically to a minimum the risks, proposing an episode that fits fully into the tradition without daring or distorting anything (even if, right at the end, there is an unexpected and indigestible drift that I personally considered one of the very few missteps of the campaign ...), yet it was the awareness of the means put in place by the ex-Black Tusk Studios that amazed me. I will be honest: before reviewing the game, on the basis of the various hands on accrued in recent months, I would have expected an extremely neat task and an experience in all respects "safe", without particular jolts. A definition that, however, if desired, it could very well fit for Gears of War 4, from multiple points of view.

Despite this, I believe that with his debut work The Coalition he has shown that he can actually become the new standard bearer of the series, and you just have to see the very first beats of the game to realize it: the adventure opens with an excerpt of the for a long time you fabled Pendulum Wars, throwing yourself without too many preambles in the trenches next to a young and inexperienced Dominic Santiago. So, just to demonstrate right away that you know how to touch the right notes in terms of fanservice and emotions, welcoming new users but above all winking at the ranks of longtime fans. It is however with act two, the one that to understand each other reintroduces the legendary Marcus Fenix on the stage, that the heart warms up and it becomes very difficult not to get excited: that of Gears 4 is a different Marcus, more gruff than ever, aged and hardened by an existence that seems to have tested it both in times of war and in those of peace. And, even if the focus should be elsewhere, on the new levers, in the end the superstar who holds the shack and steals the scene continues to be always him, the stainless hero of Jacinto.