Gears of War: Ultimate Edition - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 18:13:37
It seems like yesterday when we first got into the shoes of Marcus Fenix in Gears of War, the first feature in a series that is already considered one of Microsoft's biggest licenses. Almost a decade already contemplates the Delta squad, the Locust war and the small great revolution that this title meant for the genre of third-person action. After this work born in the mind of Cliff Bleszinski, nothing would be the same again, neither technically, nor playably, nor in terms of the online battlefield. Now comes its best version, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, which is much more than a remastering, but rather the definitive version of a game that marked an era. But will it still be up to the task despite the passage of time?

It's still a fun, if not replayable, experience that is even more enjoyable with two players cooperatively , especially now that each player is allowed to have their difficulty level and enter or exit the game without having to restart the level. It is here when Gears of War Ultimate Edition also shines in all its splendor, without having to depend on inefficient companions, and being able to strategically take advantage of the battlefield to annihilate the opposition. It is not that playing alone we are going to get bored, far from it, but the human component adds a dose of extra variety to a title whose mechanics are based almost exclusively on the shootings. On the other hand, we will notice slight changes and improvements compared to the original, such as the coverage system (intensive use, warned that you are newbies) is less 'adhesive', being more similar to that seen in Gears of War 3, the grenades weigh more than the original (but less than in the beta), cliping errors have been retouched ... In short, a similar experience, and therefore equally intense and fun, although we have to say that we have found some small bugs in our hours of play with Gears of War Ultimate. Over the years we have seen some mistakes that we forgive in its first advent, but that we do not accept so willingly today.