Gears of War : Ultimate Edition - Critique

Author: Brian Albert
Date: 2020-07-30 18:13:47
Translated from English by IGN France.

I can't help but think about how I feel about the re-release of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Making a reissue surprised me because the original episode came out 9 years ago and because I had completed it many times.

At that time, in 2006, Gears of War was the game to have on Xbox 360. Its shooting mechanics and its cover system were perfectly adapted to the controller. In addition, its multiplayer modes were fun and reliable while we know that Xbox Live was not yet established. To be frank, this feat existed thanks to the technology of the day, but Gears has a feature that even today's games fail to have. He managed to tell you a story that kept you going until the end credits.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, by its very nature, offers the same type of travel and is still proving to be just as pleasing to the eye.

In Gears everything is loud, clear and simple - words that are often mistakenly replaced by the qualifier "stupid" for many. On the contrary, Gears is one of the games we are most involved in. It always makes sure let the player know what to do and enjoy the game.This approach leaves no room for subtlety, but there is no need to do what you are asked to do.

Here's how it all starts.

The bad guys are called the Locusts, they have leapt from below the surface of the planet and started killing everyone. You play as Marcus Fenix, an ex-prisoner who is brought back to the fore for lack of staff. With your brothers in arms, your objective is to bring a bomb in the middle of the Locust hearth. It's a simple and fun story, well told through enjoyable goals to accomplish, believable environments, all accompanied by the excellent voices of Marcus, Dom, Baird and the Cole Train.

If it were just that, Gears wouldn't necessarily be of interest. But the game is what it is and its nagging style is really its charm. In addition, the fights are successful, lively and offer a real challenge. The weapons are powerful and you can really feel the impact of the bullets on you or your enemies. A point-blank shotgun will turn you into Swiss cheese before you have time to yell 'I'm reloading!'

You will understand, Gears of War was already good at the base, but at 1080p and 60 fps, the action is more fluid than ever, even when the bodies start to pile up behind and in front of you. The animations in particular are fun to watch and the combat environments, which looked phenomenal on the previous generation, impress even more today.

Taking cover allows you to enjoy a temporary break between gun fights, but Locusts will move quickly across the battlefield to attack you from the flank or from above. Beware! Some of them will even kill themselves outright by rushing headlong at you, which is disturbing since to face them you have to be in the open and give up your shelter. It's a constant battle to find a safe place and I have learned to anticipate enemy movements, react to threats, and to be more cunning than my opponents, often outnumbered (3 against 1) to survive.

As in the original title, the “A” button still has a bit too important a role. You use it for running and for rolling. You press on it to take cover and to move from cover to cover. Its use, not always effective depending on the situation, will often kill you, stupidly ... This is one of the elements that shows that Gears of War is no longer very young.

The campaign features several incredible moments, unlike the last series games released. They are not peripheral to the adventure and focus on the player, which always forces him to adapt. One of the best examples is the cat-and-mouse game between you and a terrifying Berserker, a blind but powerful creature that stalks its prey by sound and smell, only to rush at you like a missile. For this clash, I had to constantly adapt my position to avoid getting stuck. All of a sudden, those narrow corridors that served as shelters in the previous shootouts turned into a prison, and my cellmate, the Berzerker, was not kind.

In another level, I had to stay in the light, otherwise I risked becoming the dinner party of a group of ravenous birds, the Krylls. Their presence forced me to adapt here again because they reserved an unenviable fate for me if I ever found myself in the dark.

Five additional chapters for the campaign, which are new for anyone who hasn't played the old PC version, and which feature the best action sequences in the game. If you don't know about the big surprise that awaits you, avoid to spoil you.

The Ultimate Edition includes two new multiplayer modes, Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill, which add to the core collection of modes. Its 20 cards are enough to vary the pleasures and offer many possibilities to deceive your opponents - especially in game modes with an objective.

I'm not going to go four ways, the coolest thing about Gears of War is its heightened violence. All the kills are violent (and entertaining): being cut in half, being punched by a shotgun, being cut by a laser from space, having your head exploded by a sniper, etc. And you will be delighted to give the change of the coin to your torturers. It is a real letdown in 60 fps. However, in 2006, rushing on your target, rolling around, and destroying everything with a pump shotgun was very effective and this tactic is still the must today. However, multiplayer battles will never be like those in single player mode and blasting the opposing team with short or medium range weapons is useless unless you take a multiplayer sniper, you will understand. Worse, the problems with the not always reactive '' A '' button are compounded when the strategy comes down to chain rolling (A) and shooting without aiming at point blank range. You have been warned.