Gears of War: Ultimate Edition - Recensione

Author: Felice Di Giuseppe
Date: 2020-07-30 18:13:58
Gears of War is, without any doubt, the title that most represented the last generational leap. Exactly one year after the Xbox 360 debut, the first chapter of the series created by Cliff Bleszinski, Rod Fergusson, Mike Capps and Epic Games has all rewritten the canons of a genre, introducing some of the most revolutionary mechanics for modern games and indicating the way for years to come. We had glimpsed them in some titles that preceded it, but it is precisely at Gears of War that we owe the affirmation of the coverage system and the online cooperative as we still know them today.

In addition to conceptually, the first Gears took a step forward also from a technical point of view, with a next-gen impact signed Unreal Engine 3 which made scorched earth around him and gave several moments of amazement to the people of the gamers.

An imposing and perhaps unrepeatable scenario from which one of the most profitable franchises for Microsoft was born, which has well thought of acquiring the IP in full to ensure the continuation of the series by entrusting it to a new studio located in Vancouver, one of the most productive forges of the current video game industry. It is here that The Coalition (aka Black Tusk Studios) gave birth, supported by Splash Damage to many other fundamental external aids, to Gears of War: Ultimate Edition in just ten months. The Xbox One debut of Gears of War is therefore entrusted to a remaster, which, however questionable, remains an excellent test for the team of developers led by Rod Fergusson, one of the few leading figures coming from the original team.

To achieve this result and remain faithful to the ultra satisfactory impact that has always characterized the graphics sector of Gears, the developers had to compromise with the frame rate, which remains anchored to the usual 30fps for the campaign. An update of the image sometimes uncertain, because, despite the greater power of Xbox One, in some more excited situations, with explosions and a handful of enemies more, the game tends to snap for a few moments. Everything seems to be attributable to sudden uploads, as if the game were to reason too much and therefore could not update itself as it should. Nothing particularly outrageous, however, but it does kind of see such insecurities in an otherwise perfect port. Is there a need for a patch?

Without prejudice to this technical and artistic reinvigoration, the Gears of War campaign remains, for better or for worse, however the same as always. The adventure of Marcus and his associates still flows pleasantly with his highly tested mechanics as king of third-person shooters, which can be enjoyed above all in a cooperative (now with a drop in / drop out seamless system) and at high difficulty. However, the game carries a series of structural defects born from the era in which it was released. I am referring above all to the artificial intelligence of enemies and companions, who often find themselves in compromising stall situations or neurotic laps, and to a slice of animation that is simply too dated - climbing over obstacles or slicing a locust has, in some cases, a decidedly antiquated aftertaste.

There is not much to worry about, because one of the greatest qualities of the first Gears of War is that it still manages to keep up with modern productions, which it goes side by side without disfiguring from the point of view of fun and general performance. Fighting the Corpser in the bowels of Sera or recovering the Junker by making his way in the dark by shooting at the propane tanks has its charm and works yesterday as today, there is little to do.