God Factory: Wingmen - Análisis

Author: Jose A. Rodríguez
Date: 2020-07-30 19:51:53
Nine Dots brings us GoD Factory: Wingmen, a team ship fighting game for Steam, with a particular aesthetic and a multiplayer and social approach that covers the entire bulk of the title.

Titles geared towards competitive use with (and against) other players are having a good time, starting with MOBAs and ending with all titles massively facing users on the net. So, in the middle of this tidal wave of titles, comes to us through Steam GoD Factory: Wingmen, a very colorful game in which ship battles are dressed in almost anthropomorphic shapes. This endows it with a certain aftertaste that is already known, and it does so by exploiting the highly graphic aspect of the game, which despite being modest, offers a striking result, making us feel closer to battles. (Has support even for Oculus Rif t)

Thus, one of the best features (the best, in fact) consists of the very complete ship editor , which will not leave anyone indifferent and will allow us to modify its parameters in up to 12 of the sections, in turn within the four parts of the editor: Human, Guantr, Arelos and Chorion. In each part we are going to be able to make use of some characteristics, and modify them at will, from power, to “humanoid” shape (now we will say why this detail), colors, drive, weapons, arrangements and repairs, improvements… These curious and spectacular Resulting ships, fully customizable, take the name of Wingmen because their appearance is that of a winged human , but of colossal dimensions.

This makes the title win originality? Probably not. And more than one will have had their ears thrown at the thought of humanoid machines (although this is much more wax of intergalactic ships than the mecha). But that aftertaste of fighting in Zone of the Ender s, and that almost-contact with Neon-Genesis Evangelion provoke a feeling of being before something very special known, especially for the most veteran players, who lived the times of PS2 or enjoyed of that great anime.

While we create our ship, we are going to be able to modify the body, the cabin, the wings, the propellers, the main reactor (attention because the mixture of all these elements can result in the enhancement or the weakening of each of the other qualities) , the shields (very important in each confrontation and that the trekkies will remember powerfully to the shields of the intergalactic ships), the on-board computer, as well as different pieces in the space drawers for them, and that mixed help us to achieve our definitive ship.

While we create our "ship"; we can see it in a colorful virtual area where it is suspended and with whose camera we can play to observe the result. The color palette in each of the elements is a real luxury due to its length. There is also a "tree" in which we activate and discover new power levels, with which we can play while we advance and we can unlock elements and scores. To get even deeper into the matter, we even carried out engine optimization . And is that in depth few recent games beat GoD. Of course each weapon is empowerable in itself, whatever the mix we make. There are a wide variety of attack types and combos, always schematically forming large visual representations of the end result.

Graphically we are not facing one of the games of the season, but it complies. And when we say that it complies, we not only talk about resolution (which works quite well and everything has a colorful and detailed appearance in general), but really outlandish designs , some of them the work of an almost twisted mind (we will see wings with arms "Humans" that still move with a rhythm almost typical of zombies), large ships that move in a most impressive way ... And that float in an upright position, while we move, aim and shoot ... and attention because here you have to stop.

As many benefits that the creation system has, the controls have not been exactly a walk on the beach . Aiming can be not tedious, but a real disaster. It is not understood that in a game where we are going to be shooting at our discretion, we have to repeat the orientation two hundred times because the shots do not go where we need to. The ship can move slowly (at cruising speed), allowing this to survey the terrain and confront us with some control over the situation (which also adds an extra vulnerability, but enters the field of personal assessment of situations), or with a strong impulse, to make the ship shoot out for any flight or chase. And that gives us food for thought: Is there no middle ground? Do I have to eat heavenly bodies to get there earlier?

The controls not only don't do their "work" cleanly, but they don't allow the use of the Xbox 360 controller, which could have been a good asset to the execution, and would bring an interesting point for the mix of quasi-rpg and action with airs of the past decade.

The games are generally stable, but we have suffered some falls during the tests between two players, and God Factory: Wingmen hangs at certain times, all waiting for a patch to fix this kind of irregularities. Once this is done, we are ready to unite our half-human-winged-half-star cruisers and face off in teams of up to 4 per side.