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God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus

  • Publisher
    Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI)
  • Developer
    SIE Santa Monica Studio
  • Release date
    4 Mar 2008

The game is set in Ancient Greece and loosely based on its mythology. The player controls Kratos, a Spartan warrior in the service of the Olympian Gods. Kratos is guided by the goddess Athena, who instructs him to find the Sun God Helios, as the Dream God Morpheus has caused the remaining gods to slumber in Helios' absence. With the power of the sun, Morpheus and Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld, with the aid of the Titan Atlas, intend to destroy the Pillar of the World and in turn Olympus. God of War: Chains of Olympus is chronologically the second chapter in the series, which focuses on vengeance as its central theme.

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AGM score 75%
IGN 9.4
GameSpot 8.5
Metacritic 46
male protagonists
real-time combat
instant kill
polygonal 3d
digital distribution
single-player only
third-person perspective
playstation trophies
customizable characters
platform exclusive
stat tracking
double jump
linear gameplay
alternate historical
tragic hero
boss fight
save point
final boss
scripted events
hack and slash
sword & sorcery
block puzzle
treasure chest
slashing weapons
player character
been here before
boss pattern
spin attack
context sensitive
magic meter
playstation plus
playstation tv support
quick time event
working for the enemy
naru punch
difficulty level
upgradeable weapons
rpg elements
late title card
pack-in game
unlockable difficulty level
non-standard difficulty titles
aggressive door-opening
disembodied voice
launching enemies into the air
in-game moves list
post-credits plot twist
finishing move
combat stutter
more than two eyes
alternate form
eye scars
light puzzles
reversible cover art
greek mythology
fixed camera
sexualized women
skill points
extreme violence
cross culture language skills
protagonist death
face tattoo
shaved head
severed head
sex mini game
zooming to platform pathway
gift of the gods
divine punishment
homing orbs
showing half a face on title screens
moving bodies
background boss
inventory loss
aerial grapple
god mode
e3 2007
button mashing
interactive achievement awards 2009
box art features character facing away
elevator ambush
blades of chaos
game developers choice awards 2009
prematurely ending boss fights
the gauntlet of zeus
god of war: chains of olympus
god of war: chains of olympus game
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About God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus is released by Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI) in 4 Mar 2008. The game is designed by SIE Santa Monica Studio. God of War: Chains of Olympus is a typical representative of the Adventure genre. Playing God of War: Chains of Olympus is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Adventure, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay God of War: Chains of Olympus will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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God of War: Chains of Olympus is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Adventure games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

God of War: Chains of Olympus is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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God of War: Chains of Olympus - game review

Date: 2008-04-17 12:10:00
The review was based on the PSP version.

God of War . Two games that seem to shine with perfection even through the prism of the galactic Playstation 2 game kits. The first, starting with an epoch-making duel with Hydra, introduced us to Kratos as a Spartan warrior who gave his soul to Ares. We then learned the genesis of the hero's internal struggle and the motives that pushed him to the final confrontation with the god of war. In the second part, the scale of events increased more than proportionally. As the successor to Ares on Olympus, Kratos came into conflict with the other gods, receiving unexpected help from their hated titans at a critical juncture. It would be a lot to tell. The story unfolds before our eyes, and the plot was suspended at its climax - which was associated with the inevitable announcement of Part Three. We will have to wait for its details. Meanwhile, we get our hands on a prequel, although this term may be somewhat misleading. Chains of Olympus on the Playstation Portable does not have a lot of "canonical" plot, important from the point of view of the entire series. It's more of a side story. Great beasts, an army of undead, conflicts between gods, mighty artifacts - just everyday life in Kratos' life.

Don't believe the hype around Chains of Olympus. This must be said at the very beginning. It's a good, even great game - as will be proven in the following paragraphs - but everything that happens in the world in connection with its evaluation is some kind of absurdity. The PSP version does not have the possibility to establish any dialogue with its predecessors, be it in terms of gameplay variety, gimmicky, plot or general message. And no clause of "portability" has anything to do with it.

The first level of the game is, traditionally for the series, Bond's play of the "previous mission". This time it takes place in Attica, where Kratos is tasked with helping the Greeks to repel the attack of the Persian army, supported by a large Basilisk. The actual story begins a moment later. Well: Helios, the sun god, has been kidnapped by the titan Atlas, causing Morpheus to envelop the world in a deadly fog (or something). So the gods of Olympus summon their Michael Clayton to sweep a little. Sounds nice? Sure. Throw in a ride in Helios' chariot and a return visit to Hades, and we'll feel that it's truly God of War. But will this impression not prove futile?

Theoretically, everything is OK with the game. Mechanics - the old way. Two types of weapons, the leading of which is, of course, flaming blades on chains; several types of spells (similar to those in the previous parts in a way), dodges, combos. It was all perfect. Even the controls are clever enough to make a polite bow. Problems start to appear on the side of the environment and opponents. Well, first of all. The games in this series - especially the second - weren't just slashers. The fight played a central role in them, of course, but the authors found 1,500 ways to avoid monotonous action. Is it the weaving of small platform accents, or some puzzles, mini-games, or simply breaking the beret of duels with bosses. And here? Complexity at the (not too bad) level of Devil May Cry 4 , i.e. peace - fight - peace - fight - save point. And so on and on, for the entire (fanfare!) 4 hours of gameplay. Heh, you could think about the tastelessly short game time, but seeing its uniformity, you are ready to say that maybe it's just better. There are probably 3 puzzles throughout the game, all of which involve moving the stone statues in a fairly obvious way and suggested by the shape of the room. It wasn't supposed to be like this.

It is impossible to find fault with the surroundings in terms of design or the conceptual layer (here the fix for the portable console is important), the problem lies in the lack of diversity. Not graphic - gameplay. The characteristic sounds of a blocked door and respawning monsters start to irritate after some time and make the next stages go through only with the next duel with the boss in mind. Haha! And guess what? There are 4 (four) bosses in the game, including two from the first mission and the end fight. After the third definite integral has been calculated, this leaves one boss fight woven into the normal course of the game (or more precisely, two with the same). This uninteresting situation also carries over to ordinary opponents - they come in large numbers, but few types. Traditionally, there are cyclops, minotaurs and a few types of almost indistinguishable sword arrangements. Come on, well, there is no tragedy, but when you see the global spasm over the game, don't expect a bit more?

After spending these tens of hours completing the main game mode, we get the opportunity to face five challenges, included in the so-called Challenge of Hades. Basically - 5 very difficult mini-games for advanced players. In addition, we have the ability to unlock additional costumes for Kratos and several videos under the sign of "Making of". Nice, interesting and good that they are.

The graphics and sound of Chains of Olympus , as you might expect, make the PSP sweat a sweat. Everything looks almost like on Czarnula - the details are a bit less, but just right for a small screen and sitting in the tram. Kratos' voice actor, as usual, did an amazing job of making the most flimsy sounds ever. Honey on the ears to hear the Spartan scream in the heavens, addressing some god or other being to whom it would be fitting to show some trace of respect. Of course, Gaia still plays the role of the narrator, trying to make some allusions to the future of the main character. However, no one will be confused by the titan's eyes and no one will believe her that the plot presented here is significant when you look at it after seeing the end of God of War 2 . That's right, sorry.

Pocket Kratos is a fun game for two days. Intensive - OK. Effective - OK. But let's not compare it with the previous parts, let's not equate it with them, because both sides lose. Olympus , because there is no chance in this comparison; God of War 1 and 2 , because the prestige of the series drops a bit after adding the third title to the pool. Paradoxically, Chains of Olympus should appeal to those who have not had any previous experience with Kratos. The declared followers of the cycle - who dream of tearing Icarus 'wings at night or climbing Kronos' body - will find nothing about the scale to which they have become accustomed. Will you say that since the game is for a portable console, it has to get 10% of the forums for evaluation? OK, she got it.

Krzysztof "Lordareon" Gonciarz




Screenshots will help you evaluate the graphics and gameplay of God of War: Chains of Olympus.

God of War: Chains of Olympus - scene 1
God of War: Chains of Olympus - scene 2
God of War: Chains of Olympus - scene 3
God of War: Chains of Olympus - scene 4
God of War: Chains of Olympus - scene 5


If screenshots are not enough, you can enjoy creative videos from Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI)

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