God of War III Remastered - Recensione

Author: Mattia "Zave" Ravanelli
Date: 2020-03-02 20:50:04
Anger and devastation, that of Kratos has always been a brutal force, an approach entirely of the belly and very little of the head to the matter. Whether we talk about the game philosophy, or the story that moved the Greek war god shaped by Sony Santa Monica. An adventure inundated by streams of blood that relentlessly left behind (and in front, and all around) for the beauty of seven different games, but especially in the main trilogy, born on PlayStation 2 and concluded on PlayStation 3, with much of the final prequel (a few months after the debut of PlayStation 4). Patience if the fans of the mythological blades of Kratos expected a debut in the new generation from E3 2015, for now we must all relive the last act of his "divine" revenge, transported on the flagship console of Sony thanks to the now usual treatment that involves a tug of the visual sector ... and nothing else.

The work done on the "cover" of the book, however, is unassailable: God of War III Remastered is proposed to the public that has already appreciated it or, more easily, to those who have never seen it before, with a cleaning of the unpublished image. With assorted textures and effects (especially the reflections) that if they just don't put it on a par with the best productions specifically designed for the PlayStation 4 hardware, they don't make it look too bad. Rather. It will be for his exaggerated imagination, for his titanic scenes (in a literal sense), for the ability of the development team to set up heart-pounding passages, but what matters is that the show is guaranteed. The fact, then, that everything moves while remaining firmly anchored to a video update of 60 frames per second, only improves the situation.

The dust on Kratos' shoulders, accumulated in the five years after the release of the first version, is however more evident than ever when we return to confronting a system of dynamic cameras but managed entirely by the game which is now anachronistic. The same can be said, also because in a certain percentage directly connected, to the sequences that involve assorted jumps and flutters (thanks to one of Kratos' powers). In these cases God of War III is today more criticizable and less convincing than it was in 2010.

Here, for a god of war who has always made the voice not big, but even huge, a simple simple remaster is almost equivalent to a turn of overtime done just by stamping the card.

I played God of War III Remastered thanks to a version of the game provided by Sony. I spent about eight hours breaking the neck of anyone who stood between my Kratos and the next "room", exploring more than half the game and occasionally taking advantage of the new Photo Mode. Which does exactly what you imagine (and which, it must be said, allows you to store in memory of the great beautiful Polaroids of death and crimson sketches).