Grand Theft Auto 3 - game review

Date: 2002-06-18 04:51:00
The review was based on the PC version.

Grand Theft Auto 3 doesn't defend itself! In no way! Anyone who tries to find positive features or values in this game is ... abnormal! Harsh words? And why should you be surprised here - "hot" plays it and sharp words.

About 4 years ago I saw a friend's game (or rather its demo), which at first glance gave the impression of low-budget production of some tiny development company. Despite the not very attractive graphics, I liked the game very much. It was quite simple and carried great playability. Later, I learned from a friend that he was entitled Grand Theft Auto. Some time later, the full version of this game appeared, achieving extraordinary popularity among players. What was the reason for this popularity? What has DMA Design managed to include in its product that it has become so popular and loved by players? Violence? Crimes? Breaking the law? All this was already in other games, such as the famous Carmageddon. So why is GTA playing today and the latest part of the game breaks all world popularity records? The answer can be one and at the same time extremely simple. This game is EXCELLENT! I deliberately used a mismatched word, because "genius" is associated rather with something positive, carrying a solid portion of value. Meanwhile, as I have already mentioned, GTA3 is not even able to raise his head under a hail of allegations made by defenders of morals, guardians of innocence of young people, etc. This game does not represent anything and the only application that comes to my mind is training material for pseudo-gangsters popularly called "tracksuits", explaining how to hack in the capital of Merca at the intersection pulling a guy behind a tailcoat from his cart, how to roll a whore off the street, escape the police or run some suckers on the sidewalk ...

Does it not clear after all that I have written that I am an unbalanced, immature person and I still lack the elementary values that are shaped during my life in society? Calling such a product GIRL I can't be normal ...

GTA3 is doomed to success. Virtually every element of this game is excellent, which is extremely rare in the case of computer games. Very often, there is a situation where a great idea has a very good performance, but some element of the whole is simply poor or underdeveloped, while crossing out the success of the game. GTA3 is beautiful graphics, excellent sound design and unbelievably high playability. First things first.

The major change in Part Three GTA relative to its predecessors is the transition to full "three-dimensional". Now, moving around the metropolis, all elements of the environment are made in full 3D, not as it was previously done in 2D. The view both while driving and moving our hero "on foot" is presented from the third person position, thanks to which the field of view is much larger and "more attractive". The "bird's-eye view" that was used in the previous two parts of the game was not the best, but it was necessary to use it because of not quite efficient computers. It has only been a year since players have had equipment that can pull what we see on the screen while playing GTA3. And you can see a lot ... buildings, people, cars, planes, various types of buildings ... All this is done with great care and attention to detail. First of all, people responsible for creating a virtual city - Liberty City - deserve it, in which we will have to perform all kinds of missions and assignments. In this city, ordinary people live, walk the streets, drive cars, perform everyday activities - it simply lives its own life.

When GTA3 saw the light of day a few months ago, appearing on the PS2 console, the owners of these machines claimed that this game in the PC version would look more like a "slideshow" than normal gameplay - all this was due to the amazing graphics. And in fact, the graphics page of GTA3 is unbelievable. It is hard to compare it to anything because Rockstar Games has managed to achieve a completely new quality. Associations may go in the direction of a few years old Driver, however GTA3 is a product incomparably better made in every respect. Personally, I was impressed by the changing weather conditions - the fog that unexpectedly appears on the streets of Libertyn City is tangible. The same is true with rain, which, apart from limiting visibility, is also the reason for changing the grip of vehicles on the road (including ours). Speaking of vehicle behavior - this is another thing that makes GTA3 profitable, and that's a lot. Although it is a purely arcade game, the creator managed to simulate the behavior of individual cars in an excellent way. Driving a fast sports car, we feel as if it was at least glued to the ground, while getting into a classic American cruiser from the seventies it is difficult to control it due to its high power, weight and poor grip. Trucks, buses are a completely different story - heavy, slow, but with enormous power and "puncture power" (e.g. police blockades).

The police are our main concern in the city. Whenever we cut something we will have it on our backs. If we pass someone, shoot them, steal a car near a police patrol, gentlemen, the police will follow us. While our crime rate (six possible stars) will fluctuate around one or two, our chances of escape are quite high. Policemen are not eager to chase or shoot in the middle of the street. However, as we become more and more searching for action, more units begin to get involved. And so if you have 3 stars on your account, we will see police helicopters flying above our head, not to mention extremely aggressive ground units. When the next "star" arrives to our status, undoubtedly more than one vehicle with special units will get in our way, which do not pay much attention to passersby but shoot us from the machines. Another "whistle" (fifth) is the FBI of its black limousines. These gentlemen are really dangerous and running away from them is really difficult. The reason for this is the fact that they have a large number of very fast cars, which effectively makes it difficult for us to escape or even move on the streets. In addition, when we are forced to leave the vehicle, a hail of bullets from their service M16 will fall on us. The sixth and last star is ... the army. Here, in principle, the matter is clear, because the tanks are coming to the street, from which it is really hard to escape. I admit that I have never succeeded.

The tasks that we will have to perform in GTA3 are very interesting and at the same time not allowing to get bored and fall into monotony. Once we have to steal a car, bring someone to the indicated place, eliminate a certain person, blow up the car, deliver a parcel, steal a vehicle or fight a baseball bat with one of the gangs prowling in the city. Yes, it sounds not so good, but as I mentioned at the beginning of GTA3 I don't even try to be a "nice and nice" game - if you are looking for something like that, I recommend Disney productions. This is the main objection to the production from Rockstar Studios. Is it a slight exaggeration that you can break down a prostitute in order to take her money earned from selling her body, or take the same prostitute to the car and drive with her to a secluded place for known purposes? I do not deny that the enjoyment of the game is very great, however, is the crossing of certain limits not extremely visible here?

Another great feature of GTA3 is its sound side - or more precisely the music. Well, all the music we hear in the game comes from the radio in the car. This is a great idea, given the fact that we have the ability to change stations and thus choose the soundtrack we are interested in (rap, hip-hop, techno, rock, etc.). A very interesting idea that the owners of "PeeS two" can only envy, is the ability to choose the station where MP3s will be loaded into the appropriate directory on the hard disk, so that nothing prevents us to listen to our favorite songs while playing.

As I mentioned, GTA3 is not only great graphics and music. In fact, every element of the game is perfectly refined, additionally raising the overall impression of the whole - I mean, for example, the damage model that was used. Each car has a certain strength and when exceeded, it is simply destroyed. The destruction looks incredibly suggestive and gives the impression of completely natural - broken windshield, bent mask, broken bumper or door - this is normal during a spontaneous escape from the police.

Is GTA3 perfect flawless game then? YES! Didn't I tell you this before? :) It's really hard for me to point out a feature (except of course that this game breaks all moral and social barriers) that could be called a disadvantage. Initially, it seemed that the downside of the game would be unbelievable system requirements, which eventually turned out to be untrue. Yes, for comfortable game in 1024x768 in 32 bits with details set to the maximum you need a computer class Athlon / Pentium 4 1.5GHz, 256MB RAM and at least GeForce 2 Pro / Titanium. However, you can as well play on 500MHz, 128MB RAM and GeForce 256 hardware. So the hardware requirements are not so scary.

After a deeper reflection, I came to the conclusion that the disadvantage of the game may be its length, because I managed to finish it in 5 evenings, playing for 4-5 hours without special attending. Unfortunately, this is not much, and given the lack of multiplayer mode, the game loses a lot in this matter.

I think it's time for a little summary and ... a moment of reflection or maybe even reflection. Can the game in which the daily bread is murders, car thefts, prostitutes be called great? Does this statement clearly prove that the player (in this case the reviewer) does not sin with intelligence and basic moral and social values? And if this player is a completely normal person who works, likes to go to the cinema, theater, hang out with friends, go to the mountains, read books, hold a woman's hand or ski? I admit that GTA3 is an excellent game in terms of playability. And such a statement will undoubtedly be a great medium for all "cheap" moralists who show their lack of knowledge, competence and skills in stigmatizing this type of games as the source of all evil. I agree that GTA3 does not bring anything good except good fun, but pointing out this game as the source of all evil makes no sense. And despite the many hours spent shooting, killing, escaping the police, I will never in my life think that it will happen again in the real world, but some will not be able to understand it ....


Note: The game is intended only for persons over 18 years of age.