Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Analysis

Author: Gustavo Maeso
Date: 2020-03-02 21:15:52
We set foot again in Los Santos, but not to play GTA V, but to play the legendary GTA again: San Andreas, in an extraordinary adaptation for Apple devices. The PS2 and Xbox game revives on our iPhone. Now that the year is ending and we make the typical lists of best games of 2013, and coinciding with GTA V in the highest part of most of them, the Rockstar boys have released their version for mobile devices of GTA: San Andreas. The game is now available for iOS and will soon arrive for Android. And of course, you have to make room at the top of the lists of best mobile games of 2013. And the adaptation of the mythical game that triumphed in the generation of PS2 and Xbox, arrives in mobile format with an extraordinary appearance. The game is exactly the same that we could enjoy then, with all its missions, its secrets, its stories, characters ... (its 50 hours of play are intact). But it comes to the mobile format with some improvements, of course, especially in the graphic section. The modeling of the characters has been improved, rounding their textures clearly. In addition, the scenarios have also been improved, illuminating them better and expanding the background vision of the city (moving away the horizon and reducing the 'popping'). The result presents the original action of GTA San Andreas, but with an aspect like we had never seen and in high definition. It is true that it is the same game, whose technical section can not be compared with what we have seen in GTA V, but it looks like never before on the small screen of the iPhone (or on the iPad). It is necessary to have version 4.03 of iOS and we have to say that, logically, the application is optimized for iPhone 5 or higher. Another of the elements of this version is, of course, control. Adapting the complex control of the video game title to touch screens has not been easy, but the result is not bad at all. Handling the character on foot is quite simple and, when you get into a vehicle, we will have three possible options (configurable to taste): use a touch 'analog' command, a pair of 'digital' direction buttons or the 'touch' option (which will turn the direction by tapping on both sides of the screen). In addition, we can also enable or disable the accelerometer. The result is acceptable, but it is true that sometimes there is no one who controls the direction in the middle of some crazy persecution.

Another interesting element is in the shootings. Now we can aim by touching the enemies with the finger, which makes changing the target faster. In addition the game provides its automatic targeting so that the action scenes are more fluid. Even so, as in the case of driving, the touch screen does not help at some especially crazy moments and chaos takes over our control over the character.