GTA: San Andreas in the test - Grand Theft Auto gets even bigger

Author: Markus Schwerdtel
Date: 2005-07-01 15:45:00
Gang war, betrayal in the gang, and things are not going well with women either - GTA: San Andreas gangster CJ shows you his diary in our test.

This damn town is a sinkhole! I didn't really want to go back to Los Santos, but some pig killed our mom. My siblings Sweet and Kendl said I should come to the funeral. On my own, after all, I haven't seen my brother and sister in a long time, just like my homies from the Grove Street Family. But a lot has changed in my old hood: Corrupt bulls like Tenpenny and Pulaski sell drugs to children, the hostile Ballas dance around on our noses. Time for someone to clean up in San Andreas!

Day 1: Old, new turf

The arrival yesterday was hectic: As soon as I got off the plane, Tenpenny & Co. arrested me.

The dirt bags want to attach a murder to me and blackmail me. Then there was a chase - by bike. With that you get through the narrow streets of Los Santos. Stupid: Although I grew up here, I often lost my bearings between the same low-rise buildings, and I lack distinctive points like office buildings. Well, I have a map that shows important places like my family's house. And after a few hours, I found my way around quite well. Also helps that, despite the smog bell, the distant view is great. Now I'm going to explore the area first, I've been busy in Los Santos alone for about 20 hours. I can't even think about what else awaits me in San Fierro, Las Venturas and the rural areas in between.

Day 2: Shoot better

After a long time I had a gun again. The selection in the Ammu Nation stores is huge. Just a shame that I can hardly afford anything - cash is scarce. Unfortunately I am not even allowed to rob passers-by or shops, my only income currently comes from orders from my gang colleagues.

I wonder how I can afford one of the many apartments that are for sale in the cities. Well, that will get better once I'm here for a while and that initial losing streak has been overcome.

What did I want to tell? Oh yes, the guns: the arsenal is large, from knives to rocket launchers. Only I remembered the gun sounds from the old days with the gang much fatter, my Tec-9 sounds like a water gun. Sweet says I should specialize in one branch of arms, it would be worth it. And indeed: The more often I shoot with my submachine guns, the better I hit. It is the same when driving - whether by car, driving or motorcycle. I'm going to take an afternoon out and cruise around town for training.

Sweet also sent me to the gym to steel my muscles. Well if he says. After a few visits I'm a top athlete, then the muckibude can stay stolen. I just have to provoke a brawl every now and then to stay in shape. The old master in the studio wanted to show me a few more melee moves, but what for? I shoot most of the time anyway, fist fights are rare.

3rd day: Hell on wheels

The state of San Andreas is full of car enthusiasts: everything from tractors to campers to sports cars. Sure, in contrast to the east coast, the paths are often extremely long, on foot you just break your sneakers. I know a lot of the carts from my time in Liberty City, I've never seen a few. For example the truck with which I can simply pull away thick trailers and sell them to the fence.

Or wild devices like the rocket backpack or the parachute. It takes courage to just drop out of an airplane or jump from a skyscraper. My homies showed me a few nasty tricks: for example, when I shoot a cart directly onto the fuel filler cap, the thing immediately blows up - that elegantly ends any chase.

Day 4: The Ballas are coming!

I'm slowly getting my respect back in the hood. With a few orders I have won the trust of the brothers, now I can lead three of them into the fight. What does "lead" mean - I only give them simple commands such as "stand still", the rest they do more or less independently. Nevertheless, the boys are a help, because shootings with enemy gangs are now increasingly on the program. Okay, I'll stick them on myself: just drive into the opposing area and shoot around, then the boys will crawl out. Most of the time I do it easily, and the Hood belongs to the Grove Street Family again. Not only is it a good feeling, it also regularly brings coal into the house - finally!

Day 5: contract killer and warehouse clerk

Man, the boys here might cover me up with work! My homies have new tasks all the time. For example, yesterday I was supposed to get Sweet out of a bull-ridden motel. It was bad: cops everywhere, in the corridors, on ropes from the ceiling, hidden in the corners - what a ball.

In the end, I even had to take a helicopter from the sky and shake off the state power in an insane chase. Imagine: Ryder drives, the rest of us shoot out of the windows. A particularly keen cop even wanted to climb the windshield!

Smoke later explained to me how the police search system works: you can shake it off at level 2, then you have to have your car overmolded in a paint shop and submerged. It costs a little something, but you can pay for it if you are at the highest level after a helicopter, team car or even tank. It was almost a blessing to break into the National Guard's depot with Ryder in the evening. We wanted to steal weapons, but of course the recreational soldiers got it right. I frantically loaded boxes into the truck with a forklift, while Ryder kept my back free. We barely made it, the cursed truck was a bit complicated to control. It's funny, a lot of orders from the buddies are child's play, in the middle of which some are difficult. Do they want to annoy me? Or test? I find that frustrating - as if I didn't have enough trouble on my neck.

Day 6: stabbing for the singer

My old buddy, would-be rapper OG Loc called: he needs my help. High in the hills of Vinewood, I am supposed to steal Madd Dogg's rhyming book from his villa. It's too well guarded for a frontal attack, I'll sneak in and have to silently kill the bodyguards with a knife. Hopefully there are a few dark corners where I can hide. The sneakiness doesn't hurt, it's a nice change. I don't worry if I get caught either. I just go to the hospital or prison for one night. Just stupid that then all of my previously captured weapons are gone.

Day 7: No lazy hippie

Had to flee to San Fierro, but don't ask why - something stinks in the Grove Street Family. But I can't take care of that now, I should see that coal comes in. For example, I could work as a taxi driver.

Or drive light girls to their customers with a sledge sleigh. Or steal cars and deliver them to the port for »export«. Or break into other people's houses and creep them away. Or, or, or?

You see, I actually don't have time to write a diary here. Especially since I'm also worried about my love life. I had to leave my friend Denise in Los Santos - where I had almost enough to "drink coffee" with me with restaurant invitations and bar visits. No matter, there are also beautiful women in San Fierro. For example, I got to know one this morning at the driving school (wanted to learn a few new maneuvers and also need a driver's license). However, I was too lean - I have to take a look at a Fleischberg burger more often at Cluckin 'Bell or Burger Shot. Although, with too much fat, I can hardly walk and jump anymore.

You can read the complete test on GTA: San Andreas in GameStar issue 08/2005 or online as a pdf in the magazine archive.