Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 17:08:45
Appearances are deceiving and Gurumin 3D A Monstrous Adventure is good proof of this. With an adorable, childish and friendly appearance hides an adventure with touches RPG deeper and funnier than it may seem in its first bars. The boys from Falcom, through Mastiff, bring us this Nintendo 3DS version of a game that was released a decade ago on PSP and PC in Japan. In the West, its launch was more staggered and it is now, at the end of 2016, when this new review has been released in the Nintendo eShop. From the outset we can already tell you that it hardly includes any news regarding the original versions. Although there is some graphic filter as well as a remarkable 3D effect. More than enough reasons to give an adventure as fun and deep as it is endearing.

Our adventure begins with Parin a girl, the daughter of adventurers, who arrives in a mining town, her grandfather's residence. There she will meet several characters who will help her on her journey but soon she will know that there are no children for miles around. Bored, Parin will start exploring and everything will change when she meets Puku and Pino, two Monsters that will open the doors of Villa Monster, the place where these creatures live. Soon the classic dichotomy "Good vs. Evil" will arrive as the Ghosts, rivals of the Monsters and who alter the natural balance of the World, will make an appearance. In order not to gut much more of the plot, which although simple has enough point of interest, we will tell you that our mission in the game will be to reestablish said Balance by defeating the Phantoms and the Prince , the Chief of them all. Clear the world of the Dark Mist that has covered it and save all of our monstrous friends.

The premises of Gurumin 3D A Monstrous Adventure are simple. We are facing an Action-RPG with touches of exploration . Most of the time we will spend exploring dungeons and fighting Ghosts. For this fight we will have a magical and secret weapon that rests in Villa Monstruo, a drill. It could not be otherwise in a mining city. With the help of this drill we will distribute considerable controllers. And here comes one of the most interesting points of the game, its intuitive and simple control . With a couple of buttons we can chain combos very quickly with which to subdue our enemies. But don't be fooled, although Parin may seem like an adorable little girl, she hides great strength within her. Of course, the most basic enemies will be easy to defeat, but things will get a little more complicated with the dungeon bosses as well as with the bosses, who are none other than the prince's minions.

And speaking of dungeons, these are pretty easy to complete . We will find from hidden temples, forests, caves or lakes. But they all start from the same pattern, advance through them defeating all the Ghosts, collect all the Jugs and Chests inside and reach the end of the maze. Once we complete the dungeon we will receive a score based on all this as well as the time we have invested in it. The most interesting of these dungeons, apart from advancing in the plot, we find it in the multitude of Jugs and Chests that are distributed throughout the length and breadth of them.

And it is that inside these objects we will find coins that will be crucial in the future of the adventure to be able to acquire improvements to our weapon as well as various items to improve Parin such as "anti-humidity" glasses or a gas mask. To these items, which will be vital to explore the World that Gurumin 3D offers us, are added different types of "parts" that we can apply to our drill. We will have powers like Fire or Electricity that will add extra power to our weapon. Thus, the combat mechanics will be more attractive since throughout the adventure we will meet enemies vulnerable to certain elements . Combining them and learning the different combos will be more than necessary if we want to be successful.

As we say, the control is intuitive and in a few minutes we will get hold of it. We hardly need two buttons, attack and dodge, to distribute mamporros to the right and left. We will also have the help of the New Nintendo 3DS right stick that will allow us to control the camera. Point to keep in mind since sometimes the camera will leave us sold against the rapid movements of enemies. Nothing serious, after all, and that does not tarnish at all a gameplay as classic as effective and fun. Without realizing it, we will spend several hours exploring with Parin. If you like adventures with RPG touches, this Gurumin 3D A Monstrous Adventure will be an option to consider . If you are not so adventurous perhaps its mechanics and above all its little variety of situations can throw you back. It is an action and exploration game so that is what we will be doing all the time.

As for the purely technical section, Gurumin 3D Monstrous Adventure shows a little the weight of the years . It is a game that has really charismatic protagonists, a great design and quite decent graphics. In this sense it works perfectly and we also have to add a very good applied 3D effect. Obviously it does not take our Nintendo 3DS to the limit but the technical aspect meets without further ado. Adorned, as we say, with a very nice character design.

Regarding the sound, we find very catchy melodies that we hummed from time to time. The game features dialogues entirely in English . With very characteristic voices for each character that give their own nuance and personality to Parin, the inhabitants of the town, as well as to Monsters and Ghosts. However, the game does not reach us in Spanish. A small negative point although not very annoying since the dialogues and situations are easily understandable. Even so, the experience would have been round if it were to be translated into our language.