Halo 4 - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 22:24:01
Five years have passed since Halo 3 managed to delight us as if it were our first time with its proposal of open combat and vehicles in abundance. It was a super science fiction production at the height of the most important projects in the world of cinema, and how it has passed into the history of video games. But that is already part of the more distant past, since its continuation, Halo 4, far exceeds it - both in budget and quality.

We had been warning him in recent months, 343 Industries seemed to be achieving his goal, which was nothing more or less than creating a new trilogy and equaling -if not exceeding- the levels of quality and excellence of the productions of this series developed by Bungie . With this fourth installment, the Xbox flagship franchise manages to reach its predecessors in practically all levels, from the intensity of the campaign to the multiplayer options or the technical sections. The dream team of developers created by Microsoft to create Halo 4 has worked. But let's go by parts, first its story and then its multiplayer section.

If we look back , we leave the Master Chief in cryogenic ecstasy, drifting through space. Four long years have passed since then and it seems that the action knocks on our hero's door again. Cortana detects movement on one of the decks of the Forward Unto Dawn, so she decides to wake Spartan-117 from her sleep. This is the starting point of a story full of surprises in which we will meet again old enemies -the Covenant in all its variants (Grunt, Elites, Hunters ...) -, but also with new threats never seen before.

We refer to the Prometheans, a new cyber race that inhabits the planet in which much of the action will take place, Requiem. Without wanting to reveal anything of the plot at all -because it is full of surprises and moments worth living-, we will say that this planet is a site created by the Forerunners, and the Prometheans are the guardians of the secrets it hides. This new type of enemy is one of the great novelties of Halo 4 , since it brings diversity and forces the team to add a good number of new weapons and artifacts to the imagination of the franchise.

To make matters worse, their artificial intelligence also seems to go a step beyond what was seen in previous Halo installments - in which it was already good in itself -, adding new forms of interaction between enemies and, therefore, new and different combat tactics that we will have to face. For example, there is a Prometheus class that provides mobile shields to its companions, forcing us to prioritize the order of attack to increase the chances of success. We will also find a kind of cyber 'dogs' that will attack us in hordes with quick attacks, while other enemies stay at a distance attacking from afar. We could go on, but the truth is that the possibilities are overwhelming, even more if we consider the continuous fighting between this faction, the Covenant and the humans when the different races meet.

All this, of course, framed in a style of first-person action to which we are accustomed by previous titles in this series, that of wide scenarios and full of possibilities, but with the action continuously directed forward by the narrative. That is to say, that each confrontation continues to have countless possibilities for its resolution (that if it is to camp, that if vehicles, that yes close combat ...)

On the next page we continue to accompany the Master Chief in the campaign.