Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak - Analysis

Author: Jose A. Rodríguez
Date: 2020-07-30 16:25:08
What if we fight fire with fire? It is the question we ask ourselves. The planet is dying, and perhaps the desert lands of this Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak are what provide us with what is necessary to breathe life into it. The title of Blackbird Entertainment's real-time strategy is presented to us as an intense, direct and very, very technical experience. The Homeworld universe comes to the fore again, with the consequent ration of science fiction. Let's see what it offers us.

Just as desert areas are currently disputed for their resources, at Homeworld we are faced with a situation in which the planet is becoming sterile; But before that happens, an expedition is sent to desert territory to investigate ... And it is there, in the middle of "nothing", where the solution may be to prevent the rest of the planet from looking like that soon. How could it be otherwise, it is an area controlled by our enemies. So, history plunges us fully into this campaign led by Rachel S 'jet , and in which a rather “simple” plot will be developed, but at the same time effective, as a backdrop for the different missions we will have to face in this Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.

Already situated in this plot, we must start by talking about the first thing that appears in the game: an intro based on drawings that, curiously, overflows with realism and shows a refined and colorful animation technique. But for showy , the game. It really draws attention to the attention that has been put into developing this Homeworld. The desert looks fascinating , but the artificial elements of machinery and units are no less so. We are going to be able to zoom that allows us to see things either very far ... or very close, at which time we are going to enjoy great details and even near-ground shots in which the game takes an enviable life, with objects detailed and high level lighting effects . Bravo. Even the shadows are cast in the direction of the sun with outstanding plausibility. And do you know what is even more spectacular? The night spaces, since the play of light makes the title win many integers. It is true that, sometimes, the closest shots (which abound especially in the video scenes) do not show objects as detailed as they should, but we cannot forget that we are dealing with a strategy game, and therefore thought, largely measure, to be enjoyed at a certain "distance" from objects.

It is time to tackle the complex, then. What really concerns us in a game of these characteristics. The gameplay and what it offers us, beyond a beautiful environment or a moderately interesting story. We must say first of all that we are going to see a pretty hardcore and realistic game system, within the science fiction environment, of course. The tutorial is more than recommended , although RTS supporters may already have a very rough idea of what they are up against. For the most part, we are going to move motorized units , vehicles, some larger, some smaller, some reconnaissance, others armed. The idea is to study the environment and act accordingly, since our units will receive damage.

It is an obligation to keep them in good condition, so repairs are a necessary option within our base of operations. In it, we will also create elements necessary for combat, but it is not a place to relax either. And it is that, at any time, we can find ourselves under enemy fire, it does not matter if we are in our “territory”. A gigantic vehicle as a "carrier" (but for the desert) constitutes a transport between areas of elements such as parts, other ships, and also as a point of connection with the base. The movement of units occurs, as expected, thanks to the mouse, leaving the keyboard relegated to functions such as "shifts". But we do not mean that the game is played with any type of alternation system, rather the opposite, although we can order the objectives to be addressed in one order or another just by holding the shift key .

Giving orders is fun, but at all times we will also receive them, since the missions are varied (although the modus operandi of them practically does not vary). Part of the time we will use it to manage our resources and vehicles, looking for the perfect training and equipment, and this task, at the click of a mouse, is quick and easy, in fact, in the first few bars we are guided by the first necessary operations. The rest represent the most technical part of the game, dedicated to tracing trajectories and launching attacks with our war machines to control the territories within the different phases. The links between the different skirmishes are produced through informative screens and videos, which enjoy a very remarkable warlike realism; without a doubt we are facing a title that bets very hard to show the fights with crudeness (at least all that allows a game of this genre and characteristics).

We can "schedule" attacks on moving units, for which it is preferable to opt for some mobile attack vehicles, which perform approaches automatically. Exceeding in firepower and number to the enemy is essential for success, so it is essential to have enough units, and in good condition. The gameplay is also affected by environmental problems. And we must not forget that we are in the desert, and this involves sand storms that alter the operation of the devices, not to mention visibility. Ideally, we should be caught under cover and protected, but they will not make it easy for us. However, we will not be short of resources: gas bombs, light attacks ... the different combat units of the game allow us many fire modes, and the thing is not on the ground: air vehicles are also an interesting addition and that change combat orientation.

There will be users who pass the Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak missions pretty fast, others who do it slowly, stopping to look at all the possibilities before going ahead with any choice. But for both of them, the fun doesn't end here. In Blackbird Entertainment they know that their game causes addiction, and as such they offer us an excellent multiplayer mode that allows us to enjoy online combats with other players, with whom we will be able to take the strategy to a new level, more "human" and where we can choose if we really want to have someone of our characteristics as an opponent (thanks to automatic pairing) or someone at random (yes, although he can crush us and leave us shivering more than a chicken without feathers). It depends on each one. Don't you feel like the campaign? Or multiplayer, perhaps. Well, no problem, because in addition, we have the skirmish mode , which allows us to choose the color of the opposing factions and carry out confrontations against the AI .

As we see, a durable and perfect set. The title also comes to us translated into Spanish , which is appreciated to a certain extent when the games are as visual as the one at hand, either to read the dialogues and the plot or to move around its entire interface, take care and with a modern appearance as it fits perfectly in a video game of these characteristics, which also has a very suitable sound section, although perhaps it is the most passable facet of it.

Analysis equipment: Toshiba Qosmio X70-B-110, 4th generation Intel Core i7-4720HQ processor with Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, Toshiba TrueBrite® Full HD widescreen (16: 9) high-brightness LED backlit, HDD 1TB HDD + 8GB SSD Hybrid disk, 16 (8 + 8) GB DDR3L RAM (1,600 MHz), AMD Radeon ™ R9 M265X graphics (4GB GDDR5 dedicated memory) with AMD Enduro ™ technology