Horizon: Zero Dawn -- The Frozen Wilds - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 21:50:56
It's been over 6 months since Horizon Zero Dawn came to PS4. Enough time to forget about the achievements of this Guerrilla game, but it has also been so long that its developers have been able to create a new gaming experience that builds on the foundations of what is already known, while delving into topics they had barely touched in the base game. That's this The Frozen Wilds, an expansion that seeks to enlarge the Aloy legend and, incidentally, remind us of all that we liked so much about his adventures back in late February.

It is an expansion in capital letters , since it is not satisfied with stretching the gum of the work already done, but rather it is committed to expanding the experience in every way. In Frozen Wilds we will find a new area to explore, new enemies, new campaign missions, a new skill tree for Aloy, more collectibles, more ... everything. In other words, we are facing a new gaming experience, which takes us to an unexplored area of this world, in which new machines and threats live. It is also a game experience that tests our skills, since it increases the level of difficulty of the game, to the point that it is intended for Aloys of level 30 or higher ... And even with these, it will usually be that we die frequently in this new expansion.

The story he tells us takes us to the frozen territory of the Banuk, the luck of Eskimos that we met in Horizon Zero Dawn. We will explore the customs and beliefs of this tribe in one of the most interesting side missions in the game, which can last up to 15 hours , due to the number of stories and missions it can reach. Specifically, we will investigate the emergence of new machines, more powerful than ever before in this world, that are appearing in the new snowy region of the game. The Banuk say they are demonic, and for much of the DLC the concept of divinity and malignancy of certain 'entities' is played with, thus adding a new background to the entire apocalyptic and robot-dinosaur equation of the game.

In this way we will find new secondary, new stores and an Aloy as focused and realistic as ever (and which once again features the dubbing of Michelle Jenner). His adventures will not stray too far from what was seen in the game, but with an extra touch of difficulty. In this way, we will face new situations in which to make use of our bow and lance, moments of stealth, escalations in the Tomb Raider ... In addition to some spectacular confrontations that will remain in our memory as if they were the final bosses of 'normal' games . Even old enemies receive a new twist when they are bathed in a purple color, which makes them more powerful ... As if all this were not enough, there is even an enemy that empowers and heals them, making things even more difficult for us .

Aloy's roster of possibilities to overcome these situations is expanded, thanks to the 'Traveler' skill branch. These are new possibilities that can be used throughout the game world and offer Aloy the opportunity to do things as useful as picking up objects uploaded to one of our mounts or repairing machines and mounts. They won't help kill new and old (powered) beasts, but they do serve to streamline the Horizon Zero Dawn gaming experience, which is always welcome. The difficulty increase is also welcome, which makes each combat a challenge, even if the basic parameters of the base game are maintained. In other words, this Frozen Wilds reinvents Aloy's adventures without doing almost anything new, which is more than welcome. In addition, its narrative hooks, and even the secondary characters hit the key.

It even accompanies the graphic section , which leads us to a cold and closed winter, in which the snow crunches under our feet and in which even the wild squirrels leave a trail on the white frozen flakes. This is joined by snow storms and fog, to complete a revamped visual section, which also maintains the extraordinary production values of the original game. In other words, this Frozen Wilds is a DLC carefully cared for at all levels , and one that is difficult to fault. It may seem that the 19.99 € it costs seems a high amount, but the truth is that given the longevity and general care of the proposal it seems to us a fairly adjusted price.