Hotline Miami - Analysis

Author: Jaume Esteve
Date: 2020-07-30 23:36:52
You wake up one day in Miami in the eighties with three guys in the living room. One is wearing a rooster mask, another is wearing an owl mask, and the third is wearing a horse mask. And they don't seem to have good intentions. With this delirious prologue, Hotline Miami begins, one of the indie games for PC that these days are making people talk, and not just because of its release.

Unlike Retro City Rampage , which we also discussed a few days ago, Hotline Miami is another love letter to the video game of past times, although its game mechanics work much better than in the work of Brian Provinciano. The fact that the protagonist has an NES in his apartment is already a statement of intent and the game also bases its premise on the zenith perspective although of much fatter sprites and it is an immediate arcade like few others. Very short, yes, but tremendously immediate.

Let's get down to business. Hotline Miami is divided into just over fifteen levels in which things will become increasingly difficult for us. That difficulty is going to be a hallmark of the title from the first to the last level, starting with some controls that are difficult to adapt to for a few minutes and reaching the central point of the matter: a single blow and / or bullet ends our lives at the moment.

In Hotline Miami we do not have a life counter to use, these are infinite, and each level has its checkpoints that are reached once we clean a floor in the area where we are. Although it may seem simple, or that or a server is a real package with all the letters, the task becomes titanic at times since the title of Söderström does not give any option to errors. As in real life, a minimal overexposure ends you.

In fact, the phases of Hotline Miami are a strange mix between stealth and action in abundance. On the one hand we can finish off several of our enemies with a clean fist, going through doors or throwing blunt objects, but when things get serious and you have to end up with three guys in the same room, you had better wear a headscarf and surname yourself. Rambo if you want to get out alive.

He spoke of stealth in Hotline Miami because it is a fundamental element for some aspects of each mission: the longer the enemy takes to realize that we are killing all the guests on that floor, the less complications it will put us, although at the first shot we will finish with much of our options to cover us.

Now that we have explained the game mechanics in broad strokes, you can get an idea of how the action unfolds, possibly the darkest point of Hotline Miami . The game is fun, yes, and although it has a point of difficulty above what we are used to, but at times it is extremely repetitive.

Its levels can be solved in several ways thanks to the game of different rooms with doors conveniently distributed to be able to move around the plane without forcing the player to use predetermined routes and it is a fact that is appreciated. But the tactical component vanishes in a flash as soon as the first shot is fired and the enemies come after you in droves. From there begins a flight forward in which your only weapon is skill at the keyboard and pray that an enemy does not appear due to that blind spot that you did not have controlled.

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