Review of Hotline Miami, a murder simulator in the atmosphere of the movie Drive

Date: 2012-10-30 10:53:00
The review was based on the PC version.

Hotline Miami came out of nowhere. It did not exist in the minds of players before its premiere. Created by two people in the Game Maker program, it bought the hearts of reviewers who felt the journalistic obligation to advertise and present this gem to the world. Rightly so, as I can say without exaggeration that Hotline Miami is one of the best indie games I have come across. Nay! One of the best productions of this type that went on sale this year!

How to describe the creation of the Dennation Games studio in one sentence? A cross between Manhunt and Super Meta Boy on GBA in the atmosphere of the movie Drive . The action of Hotline Miami takes place in 1989. We play the role of a nameless bully who accepts orders by phone to "clean up" at the addresses provided. In short, it kills everyone on the spot. They are criminals, members of the mafia, but this does not mean that our hero has any moral advantage over them. He murders and abuses without wondering why and what for. What is Hotline Miami about then ? About us. After all, the game asks, "What did you feel when you were doing this?" How do you feel right now? How do you feel about what you felt? ”

The mechanics are very simple. The action is shown from above, we use the "WSAD" buttons, shoot with the left mouse button, and with the right button we collect a new weapon and throw away the old one. We kill enemies with one shot / hit, except for bosses and occasional "fat men", which require a bit more attention. But don't think of yourself as a Terminator. One hit is also enough to knock us down. Our only advantage is intelligence and careful planning.

Before each mission, the hero puts on various types of animal masks - we unlock them during the game, and they provide certain bonuses that we use while playing. These are, for example: increased view range, silent shots, greater gun magazine capacity.

By eliminating opponents at close range, we do not make noise and do not attract the attention of our opponents. Worse, if we decide on firearms - then we can be sure that the adversaries will come from all over the area. Then woe to us. Artificial intelligence is practically non-existent - enemies run towards us without hesitation in groups, but they are the perfect contradiction of the Imperial Stormtroopers. They always shoot well. If you do not have the reflexes of a military plane pilot, you will approach each level several dozen times. Is it wrong? In no case.

Playing Hotline Miami is surprisingly rewarding. The creators managed to turn the disadvantages of their production into advantages. They did it so well that while playing, I wondered if the apparent deficiencies were actually planned. We don't have artificial intelligence? Let's accelerate the gameplay to an unprecedented level and give up the health bar. Our hero can't reload his weapons? Good, it will be more dynamic. The effect is that each level is a mixture of stealth, combined with silent elimination of enemies, and counting each shot when several deadly enemies are pushed through the door. Puzzle, stealth action game.

Describing the game in one sentence, I mentioned Manhunt . For many years this position was posed as an example of excessive brutality. Strangling people with a plastic bag, sadism during execution, and the passionlessness with which we murdered other people. The same thing occurs in a pixelated form in Hotline Miami. Beating with fists lying until death. Breaking your head with a crowbar, baseball bat, drilling through with a drill. Slitting in half with a katana, killing those trying to crawl out, sticking thumbs into the skull. Hotline Miami doesn't know when to say stop or won't say it.

In a duet with exaggerated brutality, there is an incredibly narcotic vibe achieved through the use of neon colors, a filter imitating an old TV set and rhythmic synthesizer music. Did I mention Hotline Miami has one of the best soundtracks in video game history?