How to Survive review - how to survive on an island full of zombies?

Author: Filip „fsm” Grabski
Date: 2013-11-02 12:00:00
The review was based on the PC version.

How to Survive is a game made of simple RPG mechanics, open world, survival themes and zombie mods, and then shaking the content hard. The end result is surprisingly pleasant, although you should not focus on exceptional or groundbreaking production.

If an island (or a small archipelago of them) is the place of action in a pop culture work, then it is reasonable to expect that the authors will use one of the most popular motifs, which is so beautifully associated with open, but de facto closed spaces. Is there a bunker and an ancient power on the island? Or is a mad scientist carrying out disgusting experiments? There is also a chance that the tropical paradise is home to dinosaurs . How to Survive is betting on another golden hit, namely the living dead. We don't know where they came from. They are known to be hungry and relentless, and the player's task is to survive in this inhospitable environment.

The fun is as follows: as one of the three characters (brawny Jack, universal Kenji or agile Abby) you crash on a picturesque island whose golden beaches are dotted with battered corpses. After a short conversation with another survivor, you learn that I have zombies here, zombies there, zombies all over the island for you. A dying guy gives you a stick as a reward and tells you to be on your guard and look for a certain Kovac, a tough guy who knows survival and killing undead. So you go, smack your face, you find some lumber, fruit and sometimes funny fragments of the guide ( when you are sleepy, you are less efficient in combat , when you find the right parts, you can build a weapon or do not eat too much fruit, because you will get a sr .. . ). When you reach Kovac, you are given a new assignment. Then you go to another place and another client is sitting there. And so for the next 8 hours it takes to complete the plot.

It may not sound very exciting, but thanks to a few clever ideas, How to Survive turns out to be quite an interesting production. Each character gains experience and can unlock new abilities in a simple tree (making explosive arrows, aiming faster, slower falling thirst bar, etc. - some skills are assigned only to a given character). Second - the fight. Initially not very sophisticated, thanks to the new killing tools that we make ourselves, it becomes much more interesting and effective (I say - the survivor's best friend is a reinforced, toothed boomerang, + 50% to damage). A plus for nice executions, especially Abby's.

And since I mentioned making weapons ... The crafting system itself, although simple, is also a nice diversion. You can create weapons, several pieces of armor, as well as various types of food (Roasted Meat with Mushrooms or Carbonated Guarana Superlemoniad, which additionally heals and provides enhanced concentration for 15 seconds, and the like). Exactly - food! The player's character, in addition to the health indicator, has an indicator of hunger and thirst (so you need to eat if you do not want to be a sad, slow target for zombies) and a fatigue bar (when you find one of the many special shelters, you have to clear the area to sleep peacefully for closed doors). The last interesting thing is the daily cycle - at night, demonic bald and light-sensitive creatures crawl out of the recesses. They come from behind and bite their heads, unless you shine your flashlight on them - then they run away. Survival almost full mouth!

The story mode itself (although "plot" is too big a word - a few dialogues and one twist is not much and you can count on any scenario thrill) is only half of the content. The game also offers a mode with eight challenges such as: survive the night, find a plane, use only explosive weapons, and everything can be played in cooperation. Playing with a friend takes place either online or at one computer, which is rare and I am looking at such an option. It is easier for two to face a horde of dead people, but you have to watch out for the "friendly fire" that is permanently on - it's very easy to accidentally smash your companion in the back with a machete). Co-op may not be very exciting, but it does offer a chance for a few extra hours of fun.