Kerbal Space Program - Analysis

Author: Jaume Esteve
Date: 2020-07-30 23:20:10
Few video games have the ability to transport their users to a parallel universe like the Kerbal Space Program. The Mexican squad game, which has finally released its version 1.0 after four years of development, leaves the beta phase to show itself in all its glory. A splendor that was intuited beforehand.

I still remember the day that my father explained with hair and signs the arrival of Apollo 11 on the Moon . She saw him at home, while on leave in the military, with my late grandfather. In the wee hours of the morning, of course, because although Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin advanced their schedule to make the moonwalk prematurely, in Spain it was already well advanced on July 21 . "When man returns to the moon , we will see him together," he told me that day.

Years have passed and NASA does not even consider a return to the surface of the Moon . The sights are on Mars and all the infrastructure that will be necessary to get there, and they say yes this time, throughout the 2030s . It's hard for me to imagine where I will be in fifteen or twenty years, but the Kerbal Space Program has given me the opportunity to take a temporary shortcut to write my own story, as if I had my father sitting next to me on the sofa on a hot night in July in the late sixties.

Yes, it is totally true that Kerbal Space Program is a game designed by and for space madmen. But it is also true that Squad has taken great care to make a title that appeals to those who do not master flight simulators or to whom space may seem too exotic a subject.

It is at this point that the double facet of the Kerbal Space Program enters. a game that works in equal parts both as a LEGO construction game and as a not too hardcore flight simulator. To make a simile, it is what FIFA 15 could be to real football today.

In return, the Squad title puts a lot of ideas on the table that anyone who is seduced by the game will appreciate. We are not just talking about basic science lessons - knowing what a Hohmann maneuver to change orbits is, being aware of the importance of horizontal speed when landing on a different planet - but the feeling of gratification that the player feels with each of the small achievements that you overcome as the game progresses.

As if it were a space pioneer from the fifties, we will spend the time to put a ship into orbit and the first slap of reality comes when you realize that putting more engines, or making bigger rockets, is not often the answer to your problems to escape the force of gravity .

Escaping from Kerbin , the Earth equivalent of the Kerbal Space Program , is only the beginning. Do you want to imitate Alexey Leonov ? Abandon your ship and take a first spacewalk. Do you feel capable of getting two ships into orbit? Emulates astronauts from the American Gemini Program . It might seem like the last end is to step on Mun , the Kerbin satellite, but that first moon landing will be just the beginning. Once we have opened the door to space travel, the exploits of Armstrong and the other eleven men who set foot on the Moon will be history. It is up to us to write the next page.

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