Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Review

Author: Javi Andrés
Date: 2020-07-30 17:13:27
After The Witcher III marking the best path, and even Skyrim or Dragon Age years before, few are the ones who would dare to get into this overflowing mud of the role-playing open worlds and the fantastic-medieval setting. So what the Czech studio Warhorse proposed from the start, years ago, when it launched its rapidly successful Kickstarter, was an absolutely overturned approach with just one of those parts, with the medieval, leaving dragons, sorcery, monsters and other legends of Norse mythology in the gutter to tread thoroughly in a trustworthy and even obsessive recreation of what was the Central European Lower Middle Ages of the XV century.

A respectful game -at the end- came with that era of half a millennium ago of well-fortified castles, opulent and narcissistic feudal lords, great Crusades and conquests, and palatial tensions over a flat rural town, uneven and fiercely massacred but devoted. All this building on the foundations of the role-playing genre of real action and the gameplay ideas of the best in their lineage, because the Warhorse team has never denied that it has been attentive to what the greats do. To the point that they already think about making a saga ...

Kingdom Come Deliverance is an independent proposal that found a distributor stamp, Deep Silver, already in advanced development, and that encourages certain playable components that make it, undoubtedly, a niche game (not for everyone). It cannot be said that it is a super production, although it is a work that thinks well of its own approaches, executes them as it can, and falls in the attempt to go too far, to get where the giants and super budgets go.

It is in this humblest and most economic nature where its charm and identity is, while it is also there where its frequent technical incompetencies get tangled, clearly visible with some bugs or AI errors that should not be surprising considering the mammoth and aspirational of the video game, and the implementation by a small group of people. Warhorse is not Bethesda, it is not Bioware, it is not CD Projek t. And Kingdom Come Deliverance is not perceived today as ready to go out in stores. It is polished, or it was left to lower its ambition. It is not a Skyrim or The Witcher, but also thanks to that conscious distancing it achieves more personality and cohesion of its parts and schemes , in exchange for less fine visual invoice and small burdens of austere gameplay. Are the accounts of the advantages over the disadvantages?

Well, although for the mass accustomed to real shows of the genre, perhaps not, there will be a sector of players who know how to savor the unique and emphatically more mature elixir that Kingdom Come Deliverance treasures. For starters, the commitment to a realistic and respectful approach to Czech history has allowed Warhorse Studios to create the dream role-playing game where the protagonist must eat and sleep frequently , where he does not overdo the weight of the inventory, or where the dialectic always it is a better weapon and more effective than bludgeoning. This is a serious, emergent and in every way credible journey, of decision making or free acts that will have consequences , and of a vintage setting with really impressive details when you put the magnifying glass on them.

The plot and characters , round and soon starting to spin, scale and darken, have the essential role here that we would always ask the perfect RPG. The format is open world and that does in most sandboxes that the narrative or the cinematics suffer. However, it can be said that in Kingdom Come Deliverance the story is truly dense, well told and agile. The biography of Henry , the commoner son of the blacksmith of Skalice whom we incarnate in all his ascent and learning through the political intrigues of this precious land called Bohemia , is harsh, like those times of sieges, easy death and great exploits on horseback .

All this staged in a green Czech landscape, very lively and traced for the setting of the game. Kingdom Come Deliverance is a story of bloody betrayal and revenge, where good responses for a character who develops his charisma are usually a better way than engaging in brute force combat , given his intended gameplay roughness, especially when the character is still inexperienced in the noble art of clash of steels, either with spears, swords or axes. Forget about the reticle to aim the bow. Here the aim is made taking as a reference where the previous arrows fell .

Because yes, because the fighting in this universe is brutally rough and slow, very tactical in terms of casting heavy blows or short combos, before the stamina bar reaches zero, without letting Henry get to cast large chains or implausible epicities . In addition, that vital lesson that every fight is avoidable manifests itself in all combat, since it will always entail injuries even for the winner . This is a message game, which, with its particular gameplay, provokes this type of sensations and teachings.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is also a hardcore and traditional game, in the sense of progression with depth and ambiguous lessons, especially. Impatient players will not stop dying, as Warhorse tries and manages to force us to use our heads and attention before fists or the pounding of buttons. And not everything explains it step by step. So much so, that it is not easy to classify it as Action RPG although their fights are in real time -and in the first person, like the whole approach-. Of course, it's not Dark Souls or For Honor either ...