Lara Croft GO - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 23:59:28
It's been over a week and we're still half hungover from the PlayStation Experience. After the torrent of announcements and unexpected launches we find Lara Croft GO, a title that came out some time ago on mobile devices and PC and is now being released on Sony consoles. An adventure that offers a different vision but that in part does not lose the essence of the most classic Tomb Raider. An adventure in which Lara Croft will have to solve puzzles, avoid enemies and reveal mysteries with a very direct and entertaining gameplay.

For those who do not know the GO series, we can tell you that Square-Enix released games for iOS and Android devices set in the world of Tomb Raider, Hitman and Deus-Ex. A series of titles that enhance puzzle solving and being able to get out of the stage alive with any other factor. In the case that concerns us, Lara Croft GO, it starts from a very clear premise: the world is a board and we must move through it as such. We will see how Lara must move, step by step, through some squares. Our objective will be to find the exit and avoid all the enemies and obstacles that the game has in store for us.

Lara Croft GO offers us a relaxed adventure full of puzzles that, logically, will increase in difficulty as we progress. The first steps will be very simple but things will get complicated when enemies appear that move as Lara with one step, huge rocks and even blades. The difficulty curve is kept constant and progressively in each and every level. Speaking of the scenarios, we will find ourselves with relatively short phases -depending on whether we have to repeat the level- but with a lot of it. And it is that in Lara Croft GO we find more than 100 levels divided into several Temples. On a positive note, this version of Lara Croft GO comes to us in full. With all the original content and two expansions , one that has been designed for this occasion and the other that was added as an expansion and later on mobile devices. So the hours of play multiply as soon as it starts.

Although it is true that we will see enough variety in terms of stage design, however, we will always find the same mechanics. Everything is pivoting around premises already fixed from the start: Lara moves around the stage and pushes levers and switches and liquidating -or deceiving- enemies while dodging obstacles until she finds the exit. Said like this it may seem tedious or repetitive, but we can assure you that taking a few games to Lara Croft GO is a good method to forget about the stressful daily bustle. That if you can let go of the command, because the game invites you to complete levels and discover all its secrets. It is also worth mentioning, in case you are sometimes overcome by the difficulty of a level, the game has a system of clues that will help you very explicitly to complete the scenario and find the way to the exit.

And speaking of secrets, that's one of the interesting points of Lara Croft GO, getting all the jewels and relics that are hidden by the levels . Throughout the length and breadth of each and every one of the scenarios there will be hidden - sometimes not so hidden - vessels that we must break. Sapphires, rubies and pieces of relics everywhere that will extend the life of the title. We will almost always have to repeat some level because in a first pass we have not been able to see the vessels. In exchange for finding these riches, we will unlock outfits for our archaeologist, thus giving her some of the adventurous character of the Tomb Raider.

And you will ask us, what new features does this version bring to Sony consoles? Well, there are basically three: graphic improvement and, obviously, a control adapted to the buttons of the DualShock and those of the PS Vita . This version of Lara Croft GO necessarily flees from touch controls and adapts remarkably to a more classic control. With the left stick we will make Lara move through the boxes on the stage while with the right stick we will control a peephole that will be in charge of finding the vessels. And as for the buttons, these will be in charge of performing Lara's actions: move levers and shoot. We must say that, although the control is very well transferred from the touch to the pad, sometimes it can play tricks on us. And, if we are somewhat impatient, and move the stick excessively, we can find that Lara has made too many movements. This can take its toll when there are several enemies or obstacles on the stage. The biggest problem is that we are forced to repeat the level.

As for the visual improvements in this version, we will have sharper graphics and modeling. Lara Croft GO offers a "polygonal" look reminiscent of vintage Tomb Raider. Level designs inspired by temples and caves very well done. A visual aspect, in short, simple but very colorful. Delved into technical aspects we can tell you that the sound follows the same guidelines already seen in the other versions . And finally, the most notable improvement is the addition of an extra chapter called Mirror of the Spirits that has been developed by the Ko_Op team. A new series of levels that will add a few more hours to Lara Croft GO.