Review of the game Lara Croft GO - a gem in the atmosphere of the first installments of Tomb Raider

Author: Jiker
Date: 2015-09-01 16:50:00
The review was based on the iOS version. Also applies to AND, WP versions

Hitman GO, released in the first half of 2014, was one of last year's nicest mobile surprises. The game where dogs were hanged at the time of the announcement turned out to be an excellent piece of code. It is not surprising then that when Square Enix announced to all and sundry that the developers responsible for the surprising, logical reworking of Agent 47's adventures are finishing work on Lara Croft GO , players changed the front and without delaying added an excellent puzzle with the famous archaeologist in the lead role to the list of the most anticipated items of 2015. And although something could always go wrong, the experience of the creators and the multimedia materials published from time to time made it possible to believe that the game would live up to the hopes placed in it. In this review, I will try to answer the question: has Lara Croft GO turned out to be a worthy continuator of the Hitman GO idea?

Lara Croft GO is - just like Hitman GO - a turn-based puzzle game. Together with the heroine of the Tomb Raider series, we visit forgotten, ancient ruins where the famous archaeologist is looking for a legendary artifact. In contrast to the mobile adventures of Agent 47, marked by the killer atmosphere of the brand, Lara Croft GO is definitely more adventurous. As in the first two installments of the series, we explore caves and mysterious structures of ancient civilization, trying to avoid death - as a result of falling into one of the traps installed every step or the mouth of beasts residing in the vicinity (with giant snakes, spiders and lizards at the head). Going to the treasure chosen by Lara, we collect various valuables and pieces of artifacts along the way, thanks to which we unlock alternative outfits for the main character.

Hitman GO surprised us with great gameplay mechanics. In their next production, the creators from the Eidos Montreal studio used its basic solutions, adapting them to the requirements of the new brand. One of the effects of this marriage is the more varied levels. Their greater interactivity results mainly from the specificity of the Tomb Raider series itself. Lara has to deal with various traps at almost every step and it is no different in Lara Croft GO . Suddenly opening chasms, arrows flying out of walls, rolling boulders, sliding platforms - activated by switches and buttons installed in the ground - have a positive effect on the fun. An integral element of the puzzles are also confrontations with opponents such as large lizards who follow Lara step by step. Despite this, the game is not the most difficult. Well, the first two chapters (out of five available) are trivial and if it were not for the adventure shell and cleverly hidden collectibles, the gameplay would be boring. Fortunately, over time, the game gets started, and the icing on the cake is the fourth chapter, in which we compete with previously only a powerful reptile following us.

Unfortunately, as soon as everything seems to be in place and the levels finally don't progress by themselves, the campaign is over. I saw the final inscriptions after about 3 hours , but if I insist, the whole thing can be completed on the first attempt even faster (e.g. by resigning from meticulous penetration of the levels in search of precious stones and fragments of artifacts). Of course, you can say that Lara Croft GO is a game designed for mobile devices, for which a campaign of this length is nothing new, but remember that you have to pay almost PLN 30 for the game. As a reminder, Hitman GO could be purchased at the time of the premiere for about PLN 18, and last year's hit - Monument Valley - cost PLN 15.