Legend of Grimrock II - Análisis

Author: Leif Johnson
Date: 2020-07-30 22:47:43
It's easy to love a game like The Legend of Grimrock 2 even though you may encounter creatures capable of dragging your party into a spiked pit that will surely kill you or a monster steal all your weapons and I forced you to beat him to death to get them back. No. Legend of Grimrock 2 is a great game because it is able to alternate a very clever design riddled with unpredictable battles with a handful of puzzles reminiscent of the best days of Myst. What makes it even better than its first installment is to merge two styles of play from the early 1990s into one lit game almost 25 years later.

We are not facing a title that stands out for a story made bombproof. In Legend of Grimrock 2 we embark towards the island of Nex with three companions to finish off hordes of monsters and discover who has left us mysterious letters on the stone altars of the island. Come on, we are not talking about the Gilgamesh .

The metaphor that best describes The Legend of Grimrock 2 is the opening scene that explains the game's style change. The four adventurers escape from the box that keeps them imprisoned on the shore of the island of Nex to start an adventure that, unlike the first title, no longer takes place entirely underground . The series evolves in this second installment and takes the outer space although it continues with the tradition of letting the player discover what he has to do instead of guiding him through tutorials.

It is true that control , which allows us to move in four directions, is not one of the strengths of the game. Almost Human could have implemented a system that allows us to move at our whim through the open scenarios it poses. Even the original Legend of Grimrock , from two years ago, already had some control problems, problems that are solved as soon as you take control but sometimes lead you into traps that could be easily avoided.

The visual diversity that The Legend of Grimrock 2 proposes extends to the group of protagonists. Now we can choose between a good number of characters and, in addition, the title features a new race that joins the insectoids, minotaurs and lizards that inhabit its universe. The new race is especially useful in Grimrock 2 if we consider that it is immune to a good number of diseases and that it can also carry more objects than other companions.

But the news of Grimrock 2 does not end there. The Farmer's Appearance, a class that gains experience from food, is an interesting upgrade that adds variety to the game. But having a farmer on our team does not mean that hack & slash will disappear. It is still present and continues to do so in real time, unlike all those titles that Eye of the Beholder lit up in the early 1990s.

Legend of Grimrock 2 is a dynamic game in which we will even have to think about evasion maneuvers in the event of an enemy attack, because not everything comes down to attacking our rival and waiting for the blow to finish him off. The enemies are faster and smarter than in the first title and there will even be some that, such as the leprechaun, which can turn into a nightmare if you can't hit it. Grimrock 2 features quite a few weapons, though not as powerful as its predecessor, and the combat mechanics have been improved so that they don't come down to simply waiting for the crouching enemy to strike at just the right time.

No less true is that Grimrock 2 is not a game designed for those who hit first and ask later because the title does not live exclusively from combat but requires a good dose of intelligence from us . The game is full of puzzles and solving one is going to cost us more than it might seem at first. There are simple ones , those that force you to put a piece of a certain shape on a button with that shape (and that we can guess with nearby signs of the type "the X points to the place"), but there are also more complex ones up to the point that some requires arts such as teleportation . Of course, there are elements of the stage that can sometimes confuse the most versed player, such as those two weights that you can find suspended on chains in a tunnel and whose function is merely decorative.

One of the problems that puzzles suffer comes from the nature of the game itself. An open world is more difficult to read than a dungeon and this can lead us to roam large areas of the map in search of that clue that will help us unravel the enigma at hand. It is also true that this philosophy pushes the player to explore the map and that most of the puzzles had their explanation somewhere on the map, but the problem lay in not knowing the location of that track. It is one of the most negative points of the game and it can frustrate more than one player since they do not know where to look for the help they need. On one occasion I spent hours looking for a clue until I realized that it was close to me all the time.

The Legend of Grimrock 2 puzzles have a Myst point. Sometimes I was tempted to hit my head against the wall or ask for help, although I never did. Of course, when you are the one who manages to find the solution, the feeling of gratification is enormous. And in Grimrock 2 I have continued playing throughout the days because it is a fun game. I've been gone for about twenty hours and I still have the feeling that I've missed many of the secrets hidden in Nex .

The adventures of Grimrock 2 don't end with its main campaign. The game comes equipped with its own dungeon editor and is simple enough for a neophyte to master. Thanks to a zenith camera, the user can place all kinds of objects along the map, be they castle gates, statues or fierce bloodthirsty enemies. In less than five minutes I had built a world that I wanted to visit, so I can't imagine what those who take a good number of hours will be able to do.